Tuesday 30 November 2010


I'm not breaking any rules of confidentiality by saying that the high schools in Lowestoft aren't some of the most successful in the county.  As a result, we have a busful of pupils coming over to our school every day, whose parents have opted out of their local school.  These students are very motivated to do well and the ones I've met are delightful.

And a group of girls today, in conversation, discovered that I and Weeza share names with two of them.  "Where does your daughter go to school?" another girl asked, which was so charming.  I explained that my daughter is old enough to be her mother.  "My mother's 32, she said" (she's 13).  "Ah" I said, feeling very old.  "My mother's 52" said another girl of 13.  Then someone asked my age.  I hesitated for a minute.  It's not a usual thing to ask - but they weren't being rude, they were being friendly, I'm not a teacher (that would have been inappropriate) and so I told them, 57.  They were so sweet, they assured me they would have thought anything down to 40.  "I didn't think you were that old" said Ellie, knowing it was a two-edged remark, and laughingly friendly.

There's no doubt about it.  Different generations should mix together.  It does us all good.


Dave said...

I won't point out the speech marks after 'said' rather than '32', as that's the sort of pedantic thing someone of my physical, rather than mental, age would do.

Blue Witch said...

And I won't point out that speech inside quotation marks should have punctuation before the final quotation mark, even if it is only a comma. You wouldn't pass the 11+ these days without knowing that ;)

And I'm younger than both of you :)

PixieMum said...

Nothing to do with your interesting post, but I've replied to your socks knitting on my own blog.

Think that was the right way to do it, rather than in here.

Z said...

Darlings, you do realise that I don't proof-read after writing posts, don't you? It's only a blog. I hadn't noticed, though I would have at some time today and, if they hadn't been pointed out, I would have corrected them. As it is, I stand corrected and the post can stay.

I will revisit, Madeleine. In a while, Pugsley is using my computer at present.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I'd have you

Eddie 2-Sox said...


What I meant to write was "I'd have you as about 48-ish".

Z said...

Simon, my heart leapt for a moment.

Then it transpired that you aren't quite so practised at flattery as a group of 13 year old girls. Good try though, thank you darling xx