Sunday 21 November 2010


I was writing to a friend and didn't notice the time.  It's nearly midnight.  I'll have to adjust the time to make this Sunday's post.

Last night, I didn't sleep.  I whinged gently on Facebook every hour or so, and eventually got up to make tea and fetch my phone recharger, because I'd been using it for so long I'd run the battery down.  Usually, reading on the phone sends me off to sleep quite quickly, but not this time.  Eventually at about 4.30, I put some music on and managed to drift off for 3 hours.  So I confidently expect a sound night's sleep tonight.  I went up to put the electric blanket on an hour ago so I won't have cold feet to keep me awake.

All quiet here, not a lot to say.  The chickens all came running when I took their breakfast out and again for lunch (bread and maize respectively - they also have a feeder filled with wheat grains in their run).  This afternoon, I went out to shut up the henhouse when it was getting to dusk - a fox has been seen on the field so we're being careful.  Most of the chickens roost in trees, we think they are safer that way so don't clip their wings, but a few like to sleep in the henhouse.  I came back in and there seemed no good reason not to just lock the door and settle down for the evening.  No dog to let out or take for a walk last thing.  When I went out at 8, several bantams were strolling about on the drive so I knew all was well there.

Not too busy a week coming up.  A funeral in Lowesoft tomorrow, then nothing in the diary until Thursday and Friday, both school things.  I wonder if I'll manage to get something productive done instead of just faffing about. I usually faff, to be honest.

I've just realised there are a couple more emails I meant to write - Weeza, the Sage and Wink have all been on the phone chatting to me this evening, I haven't got everything done.  Tomorrow morning will be good enough though.  Really is time for bed now.


Roses said...

Nothing like a good faff. Personally, I potter.

I hope the funeral in Lowestoft goes as well as it can.

Dave said...

If your diary's blank, we could get on with the wa- oh.

Anonymous said...

You could built something else?

Christopher said...

Coincidentally sleep didn't come knocking at my door either, and I think I'm glad - in the light of today's Lydian Airs post - that you didn't come into my mind!

Rog said...

"Funeral in Lowesoft" sound like a Len Deighton thriller.

"Diss Appointment with Murder". That would be a good East Anglian Thriller.

Chairwoman of the bored said...

Where has my comment gone?

Chairwoman of the bored said...

Sorry wrong post (blushes)

Z said...


Z said...

I've got a list of things to build/rebuild. None of them involves bricklaying, though. Well, apart from the potting shed, where we've got enough bricks to build halfway.

So am I, having read it, Chris.

It might be a shambles, Rog (you might have to know the name of my village and how to pronounce it, actually)

Hugs, Chairwoman. It happens to us all *tee hee*