Friday 5 November 2010


Saturday is our last day here. We're leaving the hotel early on Sunday morning, as our flight is about 8.30. I've been phoning the Sage every evening, and things seem to be fine at home. He and Dave have nearly finished the wall, there are pictures at Dave's place today and it looks wonderful. They're planning another session tomorrow, weather permitting.

Bod's mum is getting on well, although progress is slow. She is 89, in good health until she fell and broke bones a month ago, which is the reason the Bod isn't with us. There's no actual reason why she can't be left, as he will be needed much more when she leaves hospital, but she asked him not to go and so of course he didn't.

We have very much enjoyed our week here. It's good to spend time together, of course, for one thing and this is a lovely place. We have got about on foot or by bus and I've thought many times how lucky I am to have my new hip working so well. A lady in her seventies struggled to get on the bus today, it was an old one with a high step. A kind young man supported her and helped her up. I realised that, a year ago, I could not have managed that step. There would have been no point in even trying.


Dave said...

I'm sure you would have found a kind young man to help you though.

Roses said...

I'm glad you've had a good time, soaking up the sunshine. Please bring some back with you.

As for your hip...good job.