Sunday 28 November 2010

Under the influence

So, today - I was up first.  Actually, I didn't get up until 8 o'clock, though I'd been awake for a couple of hours reading.  I have half a dozen books on the go on my phone, and today's choice was Tom Sawyer.  I've read it several times already, of course, but not for a few years and I'd rather forgotten how frightening a character Injun Joe was.  There's a Facebook meme been going around of which authors have influenced you in some way, and several of us have chosen Mark Twain amongst others (one of mine was Saki, of course).

When I went out, about 9 o'clock, the wise Sage was still in bed.  As I left the house I heard bantams chatting to each other about the breakfast they expected any minute.  I didn't have time to soak their bread in hot water, their usual breakfast, but I went back to get a dish of corn for them.  They are all clustering together at this time of year rather than going off alone - warmth and safety, I guess.  They all hurried to greet me, anyway.

We hadn't expected many people to brave church, but were surprised.  On the fourth Sunday, it's a café-style do, with Communion first for the few who prefer the Book of Common Prayer, then coffee and bacon sandwiches, and later a very informal family service.  You'd hardly say service really.  The children were decorating Christmas baubles and doing various puzzles and painting and that sort of thing.  Cake and grape juice were served.  I played the clarinet - not in a soloish way, but to lead the singing.  Several friends of about my age turned up sans any children, and the youngsters ranged from babies to teenagers.  All very sociable and seemed to be enjoyed,  I played the last verse very fast (this was appropriate, it was that sort of song) and was applauded good-naturedly.  We were in the church rooms, but we'll be in the church next week so I turned up and on the heating, to check it was effective, and set the timer for the Christingle service and for next Sunday.  Neither of the churchwardens have mastered the timer yet, so I'm still doing it,

This afternoon, I was playing Scrabble on my phone (the phone was the opponent) and went into the kitchen to think what to cook for dinner.  When I looked at my phone, it had turned itself off - which is normal, it does so if not used for a few minutes.  However, it didn't come back on when I pressed the button.  Deeply alarmed, I pressed the main button - nothing.  I was sure there was juice in the battery, but put it into the computer to recharge and it didn't show up on iTunes.  I was shocked and appalled.

At this point, Weeza happened to ring up.  I made polite conversation for all of two minutes before telling her my woes, and logged on to the Apple website while still talking to her to make an appointment to get it sorted out.  However, first, I looked at the troubleshooting advice, which was just as well, because it soothingly explained what to do.  And now all seems fine.  So, a ten-minute storm in a teacup, but it made me quite anxious at the time.

It was very cold overnight, but no more snow yet.  I might go over to Norwich tomorrow, to buy Zerlina's Christmas present.  Most other things will be bought online or in Yagnub or Selcceb.  Possibly Notselrah, but that's harder to pronounce.


allotmentqueen said...

Is the picture in your sidebar from your holiday? Only it looks warmer than I'm feeling right now.

I hope your children realise that it's more important to get your phone sorted out than it is to talk to them.....

allotmentqueen said...

This has actually taken me six attempts to publish this comment due to a) daughter being already logged in on this computer with her account which I had to override and b) trying to remember which is my account name and password which then brings me up as someone with a different name (if you see what I mean) - these computing things are just so difficult!

Z said...

It's from a visit to India seven years ago, Alleppey Beach in Kerala. Just to add some cheer to this cold weather.

My daughter wouldn't expect to have my full attention while worrying about my phone. She knows what I'm like.

I remember my numerous passwords, it's remembering which belongs to what site that's the difficult bit. At least I don't have to share my computer very often. But the phone doesn't keep me signed in to blogger, which is a nuisance.

Dave said...

I finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday. It would have been done a month ago, but I had to wait for some ideas from my son.

Unknown said...

It sounds to me as if your scrabble playing 'phone knew it was losing, got cold feet, and went off and hid.
I like the 'backslang' to which your town names lend themselves. Doesn't work with our town, so I've tried making an anagram of it, and the best I can come up with is Gadhilea.
Regards, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Notselrah? Nostrelah? Anyway ... Will there be self help groups?

Roses said...

Poor chilly bantams.

I have my fingers crossed that your phone will behave itself from now on, otherise, I'll give it a good talking to.

Quite frankly, I'd stay out of Norwich for a few days, if I were you. It's a bit snowy.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Not Nnylsgnik? Very hard to pronounce, and sounding very Nordik all of a sudden.

Z said...

Dave, you've got too much time on your hands. What are you going to do for the next three weeks when you should be Christmas shopping then, eh?

Norwich backwards sounds like a hacking cough, come to that. A lot of Norfolk dialect is similar to Norwegian, apparently, so you can probably get away with it, Si.

They seem quite cheerful, but I do feel sorry for them. I did get to Norwich, it was out of the city centre and I wouldn't have another chance for a week. It was snowy on the way in, but fine on the way home.