Thursday 18 November 2010

Maybe I do

I was playing the organ for a funeral this afternoon and ran through the hymns, which was fine, and then started to practise the voluntaries, and found that one of the keys was sticking, an E.  Which was a bit of a nuisance.  I had to keep flipping it up with a spare finger.  If that occasionally happens at our own church, I can, as a last resort, work out which pipe it is and disconnect it, but these were boxed in.  Fortunately, it's a two-manual organ, so I played the other one.  It was all right for the hymns as, by chance, neither of them used that note.  The final voluntary was in E flat so that was all right too.

The lady who had died was 85 years old and had lived in the village nearly all her life, until she moved into a retirement bungalow after her husband died, two years ago.  She'd married a local man, and some of their friends had known them since schooldays.  I don't think that would be the case with many people now.

One of the things that other smartphones are, apparently, better at than iPhones are notifications.  It's set up for one email address but, like many people, I have several.  The other day, I read about an app that does it all for you, so I downloaded it, and started to set it up - Facebook messages came through quickly (I have Facebook on the phone too, but it doesn't notify me that regularly) but when I put on an email account, the promised email to confirm didn't arrive.  Eventually, I discovered (ahem) that I'd mistyped the address.  I'd put (actually, this is a bit embarrassing) gmali.  And there didn't seem to be any way to change it.  I even went on the website and it seems that no one else has done this silly a thing - though mind you, lots of people change their emails, so there should be provision.

I've sorted it out, I deleted the app, reinstalled it and set the whole thing up again, correctly.  So now it works nicely and will save me checking several little-used emails every day.  I have to say, having this phone really keeps me away from the computer, it's brilliant.  I used to check things and, having sat down, stayed there for a while.  Now, I leave it alone unless I've got work to do.  It's the reason posts are written late at night, mostly.  And occasionally from my bed, when I realise at the last that I've forgotten about it.  Not that I feel I *have* to write something every day of course, you understand.  Or maybe I do.  Hm.


Ad said...

I hope you didn't ponder for too long on what may have caused the note to stick, however, would a baby wipe twixt the notes assist?


Dave said...

This post was a bit technical for me.

Ad said...

And if I may use this area of your blog, I'd just like to say 'hello' to Dandelion, I trust you are being kept busy the way you want.

Christopher said...

Sticking keys and ciphers are a problem. Sometimes the only solution - short of disconnecting the pipe, as you suggest - is to improvise round the note that won't go away. Or crawl about the floor playing the pedals with your hands.

I'm enjoying the mental vision of this!

Anonymous said...

Never knew that there would be a difference between an smartphone and an iphone ... world of wonders!

PixieMum said...

We were at a funeral yesterday afternoon, another lady this time of 87 who has been a member of our church for ever. She never married, but did good works especially after retirement.

Our church building is just 52 years old, the organ even newer so I don't think we have problems.

Went to another funeral the day before at the crem.of another church lady. Her husband had been a Reader then a Deacon at our church.
It's been a bad year for funerals, the worst for me was my mother's cousin where my sister cut not only me but husband and my adult children. Daughter asked her what we had done, sister said nothing but it was clear we were not worth speaking to. There was no need to ignore her niece and nephew, but she and her husband also refused to come to our son's wedding so I shouldn't have been surprised.

Ah, well, at least my cousins are close and want to come here and be with us at Christmas.

Sorry to burden this with you, it is therapeutic to talk to virtual acquaintances who from their postings appear sympathetic.


Z said...

Ew, Ad! It wasn't sticky, it kept sticking, which is quite different. I did leave out the note when possible but it was the highest note and therefore held the tune, so it would be evident. So using the other manual was better. Better than crawling on the floor, thank you Chris.

The real wonder is that an iPhone owner acknowledges an imperfection, Mago.

Sorry, Dave, I'll try to KISS again later. Not that you're stupid, of course.

Z said...

Madeleine, I'm so sorry. I remember you mentioning your sister didn't come to the wedding. When something like that happens and you don't know why, there's nothing you can do about it - and she evidently wants you to know you're being given the brush-off, or she'd speak enough to be polite. I think we'd agree that we appreciate our families more and more as years go by and sisters should be precious to each other, whether they have a lot in common or not. But she's the one losing out really because holding some sort of resentment eats away at her, she can't be truly happy if she's got anger pent up inside. And she must know she's being unfair. Hugs to you, dear.

Zig said...

I have lots of email addresses downloading on the iPhone Mail 'thingy' - is this not what you meant? You can have as many as you like by 'adding an account' in settings . . .

Am I missing the point? !

Zig said...

Also because I have lost your ping name because of new phone - please will you re-advise me on linda32?


Zig said...

rogue 'because' alert

Z said...

Ooh, fancy me never noticing that, Zig. Mind you, now I've added some, they're marking the last 50 posts in each inbox as unread which is a pain. I'll see which I prefer, this or Boxcar.

I'll look up my Ping name and send it. Those sneaky becauses get in everywhere if they get a chance. They're in cahoots with maverick thes.

PixieMum said...


Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

I'm going to concentrate on my immediate family and the cousins and not become bitter.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, M.

Z said...

It's easier said than done, but if you can accept it as a decision she's made, for whatever reason and however misguided, then if she ever makes the least overture of friendliness again, you'll be ready to respond kindly. Sort of, grieving for the sister you've lost (but there's always the chance you might get her back again), but not dwelling on something you can't change now.