Monday 29 November 2010

Z still enjoys the snow

We're finally back on our internet booster, wirelessly.  The router doesn't quite have the gumption to get to both our drawing room and Al and Dilly's house without it so, whilst we were able to use that, we had to be in the kitchen.  The options on the booster website were beyond my comprehension, but I hadn't felt able to bother Ro last week as he was really busy at work, and Dora was leaving for Thailand to visit her brother on Sunday, so I didn't want to interrupt his weekend either.

Today, however, we helped each other out.  I was going to Norwich to pick up Zerlina's present, and offered him a lift home afterwards, to save a long walk with shopping.  I had a bit of a decision-wobble in the afternoon because of the weather, but the snow stopped by the time I was at my destination and hasn't started again yet here, although apparently it has in Norwich.

However, let's start at the beginning.  As so often, I was awake early and up late, and found there was a pleasing amount of snow - not enough for us to be snowed in (this often has happened in the past) but a decent couple of inches.  So, later, when the sun began to shine through, I trotted out to build another snowman.

Al and Pugsley had already been busy.  The little chap who'd been built at the weekend was decently dressed, and he had a companion.

It was a lovely day, and the snow was starting to drip from the tree branches, so I spent the next happy hour making my snowman in case it melted further.
 Al had been asked to mind the shop for a couple of hours, so he left Pugsley with me.  He was quite happy roaming around in the snow while I worked, but he didn't think much of my attempt to sculpt arms.  He thought I should have used sticks.  It was snowing quite hard by the time I finished though, so I hastily gave him a face, took his picture and went indoors.
This evening, Ro was talking me through the procedure when we got cut off - the landline phone rang a minute later so I thought it was him, but it was Weeza.  Then Ro rang back on my mobile.  I promised to phone Weeza back, got the internet working, phoned Al to ask him to check, phoned Weeza, then Al rang back - I needed extra ears and was about to run out of telephones.  Still, all is jolly good and we are hoping to get together at the weekend.

Snow permitting, of course.


Z said...

It's apparent who all the hims and hises refer to, I trust.

Anonymous said...

Total communication.

lom said...

Your second snowman is waving at us

Dave said...

I spent the entire day indoors.

Apart, that is, from the couple of minutes I spent on the drive, adding extra de-icer fluid to my car washer bottle, and putting more warm clothing on the back seat, 'just in case'.

Z said...

Thank you, Mago.

That would have been Al's idea, Helen. He always adds humour and a touch of imagination.

How very sensible, Dave. Yes. I hope you had an enjoyable day.

Christopher said...

So glad to see you've modelled your premier wall-builder beside his creation.

Rog said...

Yes, I can see the likeness.

Must check this internet booster - our feeble village broadband is very flakey and our router has to be restarted a dozen times a day.

Z said...

There's someone with a worse internet connection than ours? My sympathy, Rog.

I was going to work on a self portrait, but it started to snow quite hard and I decided to stop. Dave is more handsome and less round than Wally the snowman.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I particularly like the picture of the church, taken over your smaller,front garden.

That's not a euphemism btw.

Roses said...

Glad you pursuaded the internet to behave.

I agree, the church pic looks fantastic. All the snow round here has gone slushy, salty/dirty and slidy. As you can tell, I still haven't got into the swing of winter yet.

Z said...

Simon,my small front garden is very neat and a delight to behold. Especially when the view of the church is taken into account.

Damn cold today, Roses. Still having fun, but not building snowmen.

Blue Witch said...

Cute snowmen ;)