Monday 8 November 2010

Z calms down

The Sage has been looking after me very well, starting with tea in bed and going on to cooking my lunch for me, having lit the fire and all.  We had the children in the afternoon, as Dilly and Al had an appointment in Norwich.  At seven o'clock, I took them back home to get ready for bed, only to find that the key didn't work - Al lost his door key a couple of months ago, changed the lock and then found it (it had fallen from his keyring, but turned up in his van) and thought he'd given us a new key.  Anyway, I read to them their bedtime stories until their parents arrived home.

I'll do final Wall posts as soon as I can - if you read Dave's blog then you'll have seen them there already.  He sent me one photo of the finished structure, but it's late now and I have to get going early tomorrow again.  The Sage's business email has been down this evening, which is a pain as I've a quite urgent letter to get off, and I haven't got the chap's address except in the Sage's account.  I'll try again first thing tomorrow, but I've got to leave here by 7.30.  It was nearly 5 o'clock when I finally got home yesterday, having reached Liverpool Street at 12.00.  I should have been back here two hours later, or three allowing for the notified Sunday service.  This is a scheduled programme of work on the line, it's quite remarkable that the alternative arrangements always come over as so scrappily put together.

Anyway, having been unexpectedly busy with children when I'd expected to work, and then had a long chat to Ro this evening, and not having got very much going at all this morning, I've not got a lot of work done.  I haven't worked out my route for tomorrow yet, I'll have to look up buses on the phone when I'm on the train.

Horrible weather, at least I didn't have rain to cope with yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Heieiei ... jumping back in, right into the middle.

Roses said...

Mago took the words right out of my mouth.

Good grief's all go!

Dave said...

I didn't bother sending you the photos on my blog - feel free to copy them if you want.

I'm very happy not having to go to London. Ever, I hope.

Z said...

Waiting at station. They've just said the train to Norwich is running 11 minutes late. They haven't mentioned the London train yet. I'm feeling quite apprehensive.

Blue Witch said...

I go to almost any length to avoid trains, for all the reasons you've pointed out in the last couple of posts, plus the cost and general waiting about, and the desire to avoid sitting next to undersirables (who include people listening to music on earphones that I can hear too, people wearing smelly perfume or anti-perspirant, and people constantly tapping/talking on electronic devices).

On the same line, we were once dumped in the East End, some 400 yards from the place where the replacement bus service (between wherever it was and Shenfield) started, at nearly 11pm on a Saturday night. The route was unsigned, and involved going through a gloomy underpass where people were injecting drugs. We helped an elderly lady on two sticks to the bus stop while the three staff directing people stood and laughed together about something totally unrelated. That was the last time we'd ever go on a train to London in the evening or weekend.

Good luck with today's journey... at least it makes good blogging material :)