Wednesday 17 November 2010


Doesn't the year seem to be galloping on?  Now we're on the final slope towards its end, time has speeded up with a worrying momentum.  I don't think that going away for the first week in November helped, I left in early autumn and returned to near-winter and long to-do lists.

Having said that, I'm feeling quite good at the prospect of December, largely because I won''t have to make holly wreaths this year.  You may remember how much I dislike this job, yet I felt obliged to do it because they were worth so much to Al.  He bought the wire frame and we mostly cadged fir and holly to make the body of the wreath - that part was the Sage's job.  Al made several pounds profit on each, if you didn't count anything for my time, which I didn't.  I sat down two or three evenings a week with an old sheet spread over the floor and worked away for two or three hours getting thoroughly prickled hands - anyway, that's it, I don't have to now.  So I can - um - well, I can lounge around in the evenings not doing much instead, now I come to think of it.

In fact, I'm rather cheerful.  I've been thinking back a year for one thing, because it was during November last year that my hip became so much worse suddenly, and I can't help contrasting then with now.


PixieMum said...

Take up knitting rather than lounge around and that will lead to Ravelry and you will be so busy filling in details of your WIP and stash collections there will be no time to knit your beautiful creations.

Well, this is what has happened to me1

Do like your blog, very muddled who everyone is at times but your life sounds so interesting.


Roses said...

I have no idea where this year has gone. One moment, I was freezing my backside outside smoking in a couple of inches of snow, next I was in Trinidad, now it's nearly bloody Christmas.

Enjoy lounging, you've earned it lovely. Even though I won't be able to come down and scrounge a wreath.

Dave said...

My November seems quite a bit better than last year.

Christopher said...

I don't think any of us, not even Rog, dared say Hip! Hip! Hooray out loud at the time, but we murmured it all the same, and how right we were!

We make our wreaths from ivy and butcher's broom. Not quite so prickly.

Z said...

I'm really not very good at knitting, Madeleine. I resolutely knitted myself a hat a couple of years ago, just to show I could, and it was fine, but the ribbing for the first few rows was supposed to be 2 plain 2 purl and I had to start again and do it all plain as I couldn't keep count and there wasn't enough done to tell! If I'm that useless at simple ribbing, I don't think there's any likelihood of me getting very far.

I probably should work out how to do a dramatis personae column at the side. My life isn't really very interesting, just varied.

Roses, your year has been one you'll be glad to see the back of. And Dave, last winter was too. Better things to come though.

I don't ever make a wreath for us, Chris. I'm not big on decoration. We've decided not to have a tree this year either.

Sarah said...

kreesstoffair....who are Ivy and Butcher? have we been introduced?

Z, gosh the year does seem to have whizzed by.....and we still haven't met! someone!

Roses said...

This will be the second year we'll be going without a tree. It wasn't missed last year, I doubt anyone will care if it's not here this year.

Mind you, I have nefarious intentions towards fairy lights...

luckyzmom said...

Hupsun is strangely interested in Holiday preparations this year. It is a first. He has already put lights up outside and written a letter to copy and include in our Christmas cards. I worry he is planning something and won't share it with me until the last minute.

Z said...

And do they mind their broom being taken apart and used to make wreaths?

I know, Sarah. This promised party still hasn't happened. No reason why we couldn't meet anyway though?

We won't go entirely unadorned, Roses. When Chester was a puppy, we didn't have a tree and nailed branches into the wall instead. Some years later, having forgotten about it, I noticed the holes in the beam and thought we'd got bloody big woodworm.

LZM, I don't mind a surprise as long as I know it's going to happen. Though now, if it doesn't, you may be disappointed!