Wednesday 24 November 2010

Z nearly outstays the daylight, but just keeps within her welcome

I'll write early so that I won't spend most of the evening in the kitchen.  Last night, I remembered a whole lot more work to do and was here until 11.30.

Friends of ours moved house back in the summer - he is a good friend of mine in particular, and had asked me to drop in any time I was passing.  Well, I'm not very good at dropping in so had been diffident about it, and a few weeks ago he reminded me.  Then, last month, I finally had a week with some spare time, and then I got a cold, then it was our auction, then I was on holiday, then I had a lot to catch up on - anyway, the upshot was that I finally called in today.  We'd exchanged emails the other day - he's the one thinking about buying an iPad - and I suggested today could be The Day.

I stayed for lunch and nearly for tea, I finally rolled home at 4 o'clock.  The Sage had been out and phoned to find out where I was and to say he was going out again - I haven't seen him since he kindly brought me a cup of tea in bed this morning (you see, Roses, it does sometimes happen).  It's a lovely house, though quite awkward, having a lot of steps between rooms, for someone who has rheumatoid arthritis and walks with a stick, but I can quite see why they loved it.  It is situated on the edge of the town, so it's got the river running by the garden, you can see the road from the front but people can't look in and no one can see into the delightful garden at all.  The lovely deli and wholefood shop, and the post office, are within 20 yards but you don't feel you're in the town at all.  In addition, it's Georgian and very attractive.  Not entirely practical, but I see no reason to be overly sensible either.

So, that's about all I've done today.  It was only 4 when I got home, as I said, but the evening had already started because it was starting to drizzle and the light was failing.  Can't wait for the government to drop GMT.  I will feel as though I've gained an hour in every winter day.

This evening, Dilly is tutoring and Al has a governors' meeting, so one of us will babysit.  I probably will make soup for supper, I've some lovely stock in the fridge and plenty of vegetables.


Dave said...

I meant to say, did you hear R4 at about 10.15 last night? They had a long piece about Yagnub (explaining why it's more expensive to live in the country, compared with a city). I expect you knew all the people they interviewed.

Madame DeFarge said...

If you have any soup left, do send it over. It would be just right for this exceptionally cold night.

Roses said...

I'd love some soup too please. I'm home feeling grumpy with the winter.

I'm glad you managed to catch up with your friend. I'm a big fan of catching up with friends today, rather than tomorrow.

I can't help it if I'm gently jealous you have the Sage to bring you tea in bed occasionally. The Cat just looks at me as if I'm mad and goes back to sleep, if I ask.

Z said...

No, I didn't, Dave. I'll have to see if it's on the website.

Plenty of soup for all, I'm just heating some up for lunch. Toast and cheese all right to go with it?

Tea again this morning. I must be doing something right ; )

Christopher said...

I too took tea (1 Earl Grey, 1 Yorkshire Gold) up first thing and was appropriately rewarded. Not that I do it for any reward, you understand.

I've suggested that Dave may be requiring some encouragement along the lines of The Seventh Pullet. It must be very wonderful for him to have a Sakitherapist so close.

Z said...

The Sage received a kiss, but that was it at that stage. The bantams were waiting for breakfast.

I'm not sure that Dave absolutely appreciates my worth as an advisor. It would certainly be quite an undertaking on my part.

Dave said...

Dave isn't very good at taking advice. There's also a fine line to walk between that and nagging.

Z said...

Actually, darling, I thought it was terribly cool, having a bus catch fire all around you and being too laid back even to mention it. And if your blog were to become dull - hey, I'd still think you were wonderful.