Wednesday 28 February 2007

Z feels harassed

It's an odd week. I have a whole row of meetings and am spending half the days getting ready for them or doing stuff arising from them. I'm vastly intimidated by writing down everything I eat and today it's been inconvenient to eat anything much at all, which gives a very bad example to someone with an eating disorder.

I made a particularly nice dishful of kedgeree for the blokes this evening, ate a couple of forkfuls and planned to have a proper meal when I got home at 9 o'clock. They ate it all. Shovelled the lot in. Gannets*. I ate a yoghurt and an orange and drank red wine and whisky. I do not deserve to sleep at all.

However, some considerable satisfaction this morning. Two varieties of tomato are up - Black Russian and Green Zebra, all three of lettuce and a tray of coleus. And Squiffany expressed considerable interest in the whole growing thing, so she sowed more seeds herself. Red cabbage, sweet peas, courgettes and globe artichokes. I have some globe artichokes I grew last year, but the chickens have pecked them badly and most of them haven't survived. If I end up with too many, Al can sell the plants or they can go at the Village Festival in July (they'll be in pretty big pots by then, mind you).

A couple of days ago, when the sun was shining, I walked through a whole cloud of midges. There was a housefly in the greenhouse on Monday and I just swatted away a fruit fly. I've never known this in February before. Absurd.

Tomorrow I'm visiting Windsor Castle. As a tourist, not a guest. Though a Guest of Her Majesty does not necessarily mean that one has been invited to dine at the royal table.

*As you gather, I grew up in the Tony Hancock era


Monozygote said...

Windsor castle? How come?
I hope you bring back some pictures.

Z said...

Just as a tourist. The Highly Cultural Society wot I'm chairman of is having a visit and then a lecture on the subject in April. With rather bad timing, I booked a holiday so will miss the lecture, but no matter. At least I won't have to get up and give the vote of thanks!

Mind you, memorising boustrophedon is worth doing a vote of thanks for.

y.Wendy.y said...

They scoffed your supper? How very dare they! After you prepared it too...blooming men!

I am so cross.

Imperatrix said...

Can't you just ... creatively imagine what you would have eaten if you had had the time? It's for a good cause, right (saving a person's life)?

Have fun at Windsor! We only looked at the outside, but very much enjoyed Dover castle. I'm sure you know that Dover & Windsor (and maybe another?) were the only castles that sucessfully survived the siege of 1216.

Anonymous said...

z, i cant help but notice whisky is always brought up when you are talking about drinks! :)

and yes, have fun at windsor! i wonder which is much nicer: being a guest or being a tourist.

i guess being a tourist works for me all the time. at least you can leave the place anytime you feel like doing it. whereas, if i happen to be a guest, i still need to reconsider my host's feelings!

Girlplustwo said...

a guest of the castle?

i can come and carry your hat. i'll blend.

Ally said...

Green Zebra?! Off to google for a picture!

Pat said...

How apt! I've just seen 'The Queen'. Loved it. Every bit of it. If you haven't do.

Z said...

Wendz, I spoke too soon. I'll put it right in the next post.

Imperatrix, I've eaten a lot today, that'll make up for it. A proper lunch and then my husband had a sirloin steak waiting for me tonight. I might do a bit of creative accounting in a good cause, but I don't want to sound greedy either (this is shameful, my poor friend could have died).

Oi, Maggie! Cheeky!

I drink wine and beer too, you know!

Jen, we'll blend marvellously. I'll introduce you as my best friend.

Ally, here's a link if you haven't found it - scroll down. I actually bought the seeds from Mr Fothergill I think, last year, but I'd had them before. I usually save seed, but a helpful person cleared the greenhouse for me.

Pat, I haven't seen it as yet. A friend recommended it, today. She said she loved it too. I've been a bit doubtful about fictionalising actual events.

dharmabum said...

:) couldn't stop smiling at that post! u know - here in india, since the women mostly serve the rest of the household and all, it most often happens that they only get to eat what is leftover :(

i once made this 'chutney' (am assuming u know what that is!) for breakfast, and apparently it was a hit - coz everybody (including an aunt who was visiting!) kept raving about it, and whats more - simply polished it all off. i missed my own chutney, but it still gave me a kick of sorts ;o)

Z said...

D'bum - you'd not have had a look-in if I'd been there either!