Wednesday 14 February 2007

The Small Day

I'm at a loss to make today sound interesting.

I'd planned to work all morning, but when Dilly rang up for advice, as a bird had fallen down the chimney in Squiffany's room and was trapped in the covered-up fireplace, I was quick to leave my desk and go to help. I played with the children while the Sage and Dilly released the starling from its prison.

Some time later, after tea and more play, I went back and did a bit of work. Haircut this afternoon, followed by a meeting with the Health and Safety inspector, who was relaxed and helpful.

And that's about it.

Two more items gave me pleasure. I have been happily browsing through the Aldeburgh Festival programme, deciding which concerts to go to. I'll be going on my own I expect, but in June, so at least it'll be light and summery (well, it was last June).

And I received a cheque from the Inland Revenue. £132.94. Champagne tonight, oh yes.

If you are waiting for news of Valentine Day events, bear in mind that every day here is filled with romance and such fluffiness does not wait for a special day.


Monozygote said...

Not to mention the fact that you being entirely adorable is quite enough for anyone...

Z said...

...maybe even too much for some?

Thank you, you have Made My Day.