Thursday 1 February 2007

Z pleads guilty to titterer and spokesperson of the bleeding obvious, but she is innocent of pranksterism

I read Jane, as I always do. Who took me to Billy*, whom I hadn't met before. And that led me to this. The bit that made me laugh most was in the comments "My grandaughter was convinced to try this "googling" of which you speak by a schoolfriend and now she is pregnant."

I should like to make it clear that I always, if I know it, acknowledge original authorship. But I do acknowledge that I have not the imagination for original thought. I'm not quite as opinionated as Mr Waterhouse, but then I'm not paid to be.

*Sorry, I've found that the link doesn't work. If you'd like to visit Billy, he has left a comment on this post.


y.Wendy.y said...

Z...Mr Waterhouse is an opinionated, old-fashioned twat. Silly old goat needs a smack around the ears.

You do have original thoughts. Otherwise I'd not be here reading them.

And, yours is funny. Mr W's was not.

Z said...

Grumpy Old Man, perhaps?

Rog said...

His Billy Liar was one of the best books ever written so he's not a complete idiot.
Just a miserable old sod.
There's a few of THEM about these days!

Z said...

Of course, any opinions given in the comments box of this blog are those of the writers. I don't even use comment moderation.

You remember Billy Liar, Murph? You are older than you look.

Billy said...

Hi Z, glad you liked the article, or rather the comments!

Z said...

Hi Billy. I'm glad Jane introduced us!