Sunday 11 February 2007

Rodding and Godding

Ooh dear. The Sage told me this morning that, coincidentally, both our and next door's drains blocked yesterday. I may not have mentioned before (for why should I?) that we are not on mains drainage, but that each house has a septic tank. Ours is a splendid large brick underground affair whilst Al and Dilly's is the smaller modern plastic sort - still buried safely out of sight, of course. They both last for some years without needing to be emptied (ours was last emptied at least 23 years ago, it digests its own contents) but occasionally the drains block, as drains do. Sometimes tree roots get into ours, which are very old. Once a poor rabbit crawled into the pipe at the further end and got stuck - that was a nasty one.

So yesterday and this morning, the Sage and a helper (a friend y'day and Al today) have been glumly struggling with the drain rods.


I am the only regular churchgoer in the family. Maybe drawing conclusions from this is simple superstition, but I rather like to think that I have a guardian with a sense of humour.

A young couple came to church today whom I didn't know; from their air of uncertainty I assumed that they were the pair whose banns of marriage are currently being read out at the services, and so it proved. I said 'hello' to them, and when the banns were being read I looked their way (seated on the organ stool, I am in front of and sideways on to the congregation). They looked so happy, and I gave them a big grin. They stayed for coffee afterwards - we serve very good coffee and it is not an ordeal - and chatted to people. I like it when this happens as churchgoers are always portrayed as such freaks. This isn't surprising when you read what some representatives of some churches say, but we're not all bigoted narrow-minded unpleasant types stuck somewhere in one of the more ignorant eras in history with a refusal to accept that another's point of view may be valid even if we don't share it. Just some self-styled Christians are. And I suspect that makes Jesus quite cross.


Greg said...

If one had a time machine and were able to go back and converse with Jesus and tell him of some of the things that were done in his name over 2000-odd years I think he'd be horrified.
As would the Prophet Mohammad, at the things done in his name, and as would the founder of any other religion you care to name.

Z said...

Cheers, Stegbeetle, hear hear.

Z said...

Hear hear looks really odd written down, doesn't it.

Heh heh?

Monozygote said...

I suspect that makes Jesus quite cross.

Very funny, like it, like it.

Anonymous said...

i used to be a consistent church goer in my youth (having attended a catholic school) but not because it was a requirement but because i wanted to.
i wonder why i stopped. there are some things that takes time to be asked because we aren't ready to learn the truth.
your post reminds me this.
perhaps, i should ask myself why soon.

y.Wendy.y said...

I suppose I should stay within the general tone of this particular comments box and talk about Jesus. I think he knows what's going on and is indeed very very cross with the mess we've made in His name.

Moving on then, and lowering the tone somewhat...sorry....did that poor little rabbit die in the poo -pipe? What a ghastly way to go.

Z said...

Actually, Maggie, it could be that you have the security of knowing you have God there. It's fine to take him for granted for a while. If and when you need to give and receive more, you will.

Dandelion, cheers darling.

Wendz, we suspect that the rabbit was being chased and that's why he tried to get up the pipe. I'm afraid we found his remains when the pipe got blocked.

dharmabum said...

i love reading your posts. it is very easy reading mostly, and its a lot about people, and your observations of the things around you. i am able to see things through your eyes, and i am grateful :)

all people are not ANYTHING for that matter, z. i mean, everytime i read a generalisation about any subject - be it women, men, indians, muslims or whatever be it - i tend to be skeptical. coz i don't really believe one can ever generalise - statistics jus doesn't work in such cases.

i don't think jesus would be cross though, for i am sure he knew the state of things then as they are now - for an open-minded acceptances of others' view point requires a soul that has evolved to a certain level - and it isn't possible wid the masses. what he wud be cross with, i think, is the way the so called people who 'profess' and 'promote' his name being parochial in their outlook - that would probably hurt, coz it is these 'noble' ones that the masses look up to, and are lead by. sad but true.

Z said...

Thank you Dharmabum, that's a lovely thing to say.

I completely agree with the rest of your comment too.