Monday 5 February 2007

More Yagnub news

The bakery was broken into last night. They prised open a sash window at the side of the shop. They took the float and the charity box. What did they expect to find? Sticky buns?

Al supposes he'll have to take the float home out of the tills every night. He has always said that at least he doesn't need to worry about burglary, not unless the local ne'er-do-wells are anxious about their 5-a-day, but if they are after a few pounds in small change, he'll have to change his mind.

And the town has been thick with reporters*, wanting a new angle on bird flu. I was sorry for the butcher opposite - a bloke with a camera was filming his shop from just outside the window, a couple of yards away and then from the other side of the marketplace. Poor Adrian had to stand there, nowhere to hide. And his 'free-range chickens' sign in the window. I'm not sure why they are here, Halesworth, 9 miles away, is next to the turkey farm.

It was confirmed that the Ch1cken Round@bout birds (I did a link a while back, here is another one) are officially wild birds, so they will not need to be rounded up, even if poultry have to be kept indoors. If ours do, they can go in the biggest greehouse, which is about 40 feet by 14 feet and they will be fine until the weather heats up. And then we will have to think again, unless we want them to lay hard-boiled eggs.

*ooer. Natasha Kaplinsky has made a special trip Herself to Holton. And the BBC is most anxious about the Ch1cken Round@bout.
I think, am I a cynic, that a little bit of each reporter rather hopes that the outbreak hasn't been entirely contained.


y.Wendy.y said...

Someone told me today that he hopes the bird flu comes to France because his wife makes chicken nearly every day and he's sick of it...he's a red meat man. Must have suffered during the mad cow thingy.

How much money does a shop keep in a float? Can't be very much surely - not worth the risk of getting nabbed? Nuts - these burglars...just nuts.

Z said...

1 x £5 note, 9 x £1, 10 x 50p, 10 x 20p, 20 x 10p, 20 x 5p, 25 x 2p, 50 x 1p. £25. I imagine the bakery is much the same. And about a tenner at most in the charity box, if it's full.

The Boy said...

Desperation or having fun are the two greatest causes of crime. More crime happens between the poor than of the rich. Go figure.

Z, a cynic indeed. Imagine reportings hoping for something to report. They're not like that at all! Well, not much like that. OK, maybe they are like that a little... a lot...

Z said...

Oh Boy, I thought you were going to say that it is I who am hard-boiled.

Jane said...

Doesn't sound at all cynical to me Z, sounds very restrained and moderate.

How awful for the bakery to be burgled, it's not so much the money, but the fuss and inconvenience the wee swines put people through.

Anonymous said...

The robbers wanted "dough" as in money and got confused. Hope they are apprehended. In the states we would call float the cash drawer. Is the turkey/bird flu thing near your town?

Z said...

That's it, Jane. Often, the damage done is more than the worth of the goods taken.

Oh, very good, Martina.

The turkey farm (factory is more like it) is about 9 miles away. This is a rural area, we were hard hit a few years ago by swine fever and by foot & mouth disease - not so much infected as affected by culling and the bans on selling or moving animals for months. A lot of farmers went out of business. We're pretty stoical and not easy to panic, much as the news reporters would like us to be.