Saturday 3 February 2007

Z is in despair

I have lost a notebook. It is a large, hard-covered, ring-bound black book, A4 size, that I use for meetings to take notes and minutes if necessary. I last used it on 16th January. I know where and that I drove straight home afterwards. I assumed that I'd brought it in the house and it is only now, when I need it again, that I can't find it.

I remember where I put it at the lecture, in the theatre on the floor beside me with my handbag on top. I don't remember not having it when I left, but in any case have phoned the theatre to ask. I have checked the car. Three times (it is too large to miss even once) and the Sage has looked too. I could have put it in the kitchen, I should have put it in the study, I might have left it in the drawing room. I can't find it. I have also checked the dining room and the cloakroom. I would not have taken it upstairs, I'm not so far gone that I'm even looking there.

I'm a bit screwed without it. Hell and damn. Blast. Whatever expletive comes to mind, please think it, loudly, on my behalf.

I have not given up hope, but I don't know why not - it's the simple impossibility of it being lost, I presume. But it's not here.

I learned by heart, when I was doing French A Level, one short passage of L'Avare, by Molière. It goes something like this (and I'm a bit too agitated to think about spelling, sorry)

'Où est-il? Où se cache-t-il? Que ferai-je pour le trouver? N'est-il point çi? N'est-il point la? Qui est-il*?"

*At this point, he realises his money is stolen, not lost. But I have no one to blame but myself.


Ro was sympathetic but pretty uninterested, until I mentioned the £20 reward that is offered to whomsoever finds the book. He has gone to look in the car. If, by the way, I find it myself, £20 goes in the church plate tomorrow.


Monozygote said...

Oh poor you. I hate that feeling.

Assuming it is not gone forever, it has to be somewhere you hardly ever look, probably underneath something else. Could a child have moved it? Could it have got mixed up with other things, and put somewhere weird?

y.Wendy.y said...

Brilliant Z. I am copying this post to use in a lesson..all that should have, might have and would have....absolutely fantastic use and a wonderful example of English in action for my students. Ta!

Having said that....Poo for having mislaid your notebook...hope you manage to find it. Soon.

I like that quote too...very cute!

Z said...

Dandelion, if I could accuse someone of having moved it, I'd do it right now. I'm still looking, however.

Thank you Wendz. Always glad to be of use.

Ally said...

Have you asked St Anthony? :

"St Anthony, St Anthony, please come around, something is lost that cannot be found ... " and then you say the name of the lost thing three times.

I know a couple of people who swear by it :).

Z said...

My mum always asked St Anthony, Ally, but we didn't know the incantation. It sounds splendid, worth a try.

Monozygote said...

Yes, that St Anthony thing really works. Keep us posted ok?

Z said...

Cheers, D - no joy so far.