Monday 26 February 2007

Monday morning.

This food diary is a bit of a thing. I'm out of bread so haven't bothered to eat breakfast this morning and have just squeezed a couple of oranges and eaten a plum. I feel I should be a better example.

The Sage has letters for me to write, but he has gone out. Someone called round to see him, so I've said call back in a few minutes. Then the Sage will talk to him instead of telling me about the letters.

I feel that it is not going to be a very productive morning.

I will do housework until he's ready for me to start. How dull and yet how useful. I will be glad of it later, I daresay.


y.Wendy.y said...

Actually I think a fruit breakfast is excellent...I wish I could do it - but if I do eat breakfast, which is not that often, I tend to eat pain au chocolate.

How do we know said...

Hi Zoe.. was here... and just wanted to say Hi!! :-) Trust things are good for you.. and hope the Battle of the Bloggers brings back some really good news..

I am usually too tired to blog these days, so am waiting for the fatigue to wear off.. am told it will be a few more weeks!

Pat said...

We are in reverse. If a hand written lstter is required I mostly have to ask MTL tto do it thanks to arthritic thumb - musn't grumble !*#*$!

Z said...

Hello HDWK - I've been thinking about you. I had a quick look at your last post, but didn't have time to comment then. If that's what you write when you're tired.

Hope you feel back on form soon.

Pat, I grumble like anything. Squeaky gates get oiled, you know (well oiled if they're lucky!)

Anonymous said...

i understand the sage is in favor of procrastination, eh?

ahhhh, i do like unproductive mornings sometimes. especially mondays. its too early for the week to start getting too productive!

Z said...

Maggie, in the end I just wrote the letter and left it for him to okay. It had been waiting a week already.

Yes, I always used to do my housework on a Monday morning as the day was such a dull one! Now I catch up on emails for the first couple of hours and the house is a lot dustier.