Saturday 20 July 2013

Z feels gung-ho

I'm going to need to be talked to, I think.  Right now, I'm not only inclined to have a birthday party, but to get a motorbike too.  I've a feeling I've got to make the most of the remainder of my not-quite-dotage, having led quite a sensible life up to now.

It had always been my intention to take up a vice in my fifties - well, earlier.  Once Ro reached the age of 18 and I no longer had to be a Good Example.  But I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do and the moment passed.  But whilst time is, if not actually on my side, not my enemy either, I feel a need to do something I've never tried before.

I probably need to be talked out of all this.  Weeza, mind you, has been surprisingly encouraging.

I was talking to someone about disingenuous insults, in respect of people who take their hobbies or lifestyle a bit too seriously.  We came up with a few examples, I wonder if you could add to them?  In the usual way, I'll add them to the post if you can.

  • (in conversation with an American) Calling baseball 'rounders'
  • Similarly, referring to table tennis as 'ping pong' to a player
  • This is a bit out of date, perhaps, but the person who suggested it suffered from a keen friend in the 70s and still feels vindictive - talking about a 'nudist camp'  
  • Suggesting that church ministers only work on a Sunday except for the occasional Saturday wedding


savannah said...

plan the party, sugar! make it a full blown, no holds barred, totally catered party from dawn to dusk hell-raising affair! then, think about getting a motorbike after the party! trust me on this one key thing! xoxoxoxox

LẌ said...

Three words: Super Glide Custom.

Plus, there's room for a passenger when I come to visit.

Roses said...

YAY! Party Hearty!

If you're waiting to hear the voice of reason, you shouldn't have blogged! Bloody go for it!

A motorbike sounds a fantastic idea and I like Savannah's suggestion about waiting until after the party. That way you can research into appropriate bikes and get the one that really suits your purposes.

I have friends who like bikes and some look great, but are total nightmares to ride. Gives you a chance to try them out.

Let your inner-Wild Woman out! :)


Z said...

The preparing of food for friends is what I enjoy most mind you Savannah.

LX, room for you will be a priority!

Only thing about waiting is that I'll be too busy with holidays until the middle of October and then the winter is coming on. I've a feeling that the voices of reason have unwittingly struck.

Sir Bruin said...

I am most certainly not going to talk you out of either plan. I do agree that doing them one at a time is probably best. Feel free to pick what passes for my brains on the bike thing, should you wish to pursue it. I fear that I may have hit the starter button.

Sir Bruin said...

Google "Camrider" for some info on licences and training.

janerowena said...

Isn't there something that you have longed to do all your life? Over here half the population seems to own motorbikes or scooters but they are mainly if not all, youngsters. I have been using 'nudist camp' a lot lately, to get out of having to see a friend's holiday snaps. I have asked to be shown head and shoulder shots only. Fortunately their daughter has started to rebel, so I shall be spared for the next dozen years with a bit of luck.

Z said...

Thank you, Sir B, that;s very kind. My friend Barry is also encouraging and has said I can go and look at his machines - he's got three or four motorbikes and scooters of various types. I seem to be getting thoroughly egged on, rather to my surprise.

I just want to find more time, Jane. I don't have anything I particularly long to do that I've not had the opportunity for.
Your friend sounds a bit like my friend's erstwhile one - very keen to extol the benefits of holiday nudism. Last thing I'd want to do, my skin would burn in no time and, whilst I'm not embarrassed by nakedness, I don't really want to look at it all day.

dinahmow said...

Have the party. get the bike.
And maybe strangle someone at Blogger who no longer recognises my Google ID.
Trying Wordpress again...!

Z said...

I've just bought a domain name, I've had about enough of Blogger. Though whether I'll find any comment facility that meets my precise requirements is another matter.