Wednesday 17 July 2013

Z scathes

We've been minding friends' dogs for the last few days - that is, Russell cheerily offered to have them here, but I pointed out that we'd find it quite difficult to manage the three of them when there is nowhere to let them have a run.  Ben has a wired area behind the annexe, though we take him round there on a lead when there isn't time to let him go and wait for him to come back, but Molly and Maggie would jump out and Molly, though a sweet-natured dog in many ways, is a chicken-killer and we couldn't take the risk.  So we've been going over four times a day to let them out in the garden.  In addition, they'd got the dates of their friends' holiday wrong - they've been looking after another dog - and so we also had Mister to look after.  And a cat.

It hasn't been the easiest week to do it, as we've both been quite busy, but we've managed it between us.  The owners have been in Liverpool at their daughter's graduation - she's now a qualified vet, having reached the culmination of years of study, so it's been a big family celebration.

I showed governors my scary side today, not that it was directed at anyone there.  A letter from an English teacher (not one of our staff) had three errors in the first three paragraphs - that is, one clunking infelicity, an error of usage and a grammatical mistake.  I was rather scathing, I have to admit.  I'm only pedantic when circumstances dictate - I'd have let any of them go if it had been a dashed-off email, for example, or if it had been from anyone but an English teacher - but in the circumstances, it really did matter.

Much as I'm enjoying the heat, I can no longer stand the kitchen.  So the Aga has been turned off.  I miss it already.


Unknown said...

Yes, these things jar; and if a teacher of English gets things wrong, what hope have we of things getting better?

Z said...

A job application letter should be honed to perfection!

nick said...

It's alarming to see an English teacher making so many mistakes. And presumably passing on the same mistakes to their pupils. How on earth did they get appointed to the job, I wonder?

Unknown said...

I wish it would cool down a little!

Z said...

I wish I could say more, but discretion rules.

Hot here, John, but a lovely breeze. I think we've got perfect weather here but I know some areas are hotter.

Anonymous said...

Ach, Korrekturen ... I must beg your pardon for all the crimes I do to your fabulous language.

What an interesting new picture you choose! Do you feel it "is you"?
It's pure curiosity, sorry.

Pat said...

I daren't switch the Aga off. MTL had the devil's own job to switch it on again. I must try to get an insect screen.

Z said...

Actually, no I don't, Mago. It was taken in strong sunlight so I screwed my face up, there's an odd tinge to the pink top and my hair was blown to one side. But I thought it was interesting and at least it replaced one that's nearly five years old.

I put the flame on halfway for a while, otherwise it blows out. I miss the Aga terribly, but it's a relief to have a cool kitchen.