Monday 8 July 2013


1 This evening, I'm working on correcting the minutes of the last governors' meeting.  I feel Ofsted looking over my shoulder, though when I glance behind, no one is there.  I still cover my back at all times, to be sure they're accurate, not only in regard to what was said but what was meant too.

2 I ironed those tablecloths this afternoon.  The ironing basket is empty.  I feel pretty damn good.

3 I was really tired an hour ago, but whisky and chocolate put me right.  We finished the cakes this afternoon, but Martina has sent me a recipe for cake - I'm being led astray.

4 Please think of my sister, who has an appointment for a hip x-ray tomorrow.

5 Fingers crossed for Weeza and Phil, who are expecting to sign the contract to buy the house of their dreams in the next week or two.  


Indigo Roth said...

Well Z, you've crossed more off your list today than I did. I didn't even get around to drawing any more badgers. For shame. Indigo x

Z said...

Ah, but I can't draw. Saves a lot of time.

martina said...

but it is an olive oil cake so it must be healthy for you!

martina said...

but it is an olive oil cake so it must be healthy for you!

Zig said...

Olive oil cake? Does it have other ingredients?
I had a pact with head that we had knew what outcomes were required before the meeting and then made sure the minutes reflected these outcomes. Sometimes, massaging what was actually said to what was needed and then obviously meant, even if it wasn't said.

Z said...

Yes, love, it has cake. Otherwise it would be olive oil. I will put up the recipe, or a link to it, later.

Minutes get longer and longer - one needs proof that things were discussed, not just reported and agreed. Massaged a bit, but only to explain and not to alter, OF COURSE, and sometimes a bit de-politicised, too.