Thursday 25 July 2013


There have been a couple of anniversaries this week.  On Tuesday it was the 27th anniversary of our move to this house and yesterday was Ronan's 29th birthday.  Yes, my baby.  He's the tallest member of the family and an absolute delight.  Years ago, I asked him if he ever remembered quarrelling with his elder brother and sister, because I'd never seen it.  He considered the matter and agreed that he didn't think he ever had.

He was a difficult small baby though, not at all easy to please.  But once he'd grown up a little, I realised why.  He is a communicator and he was frustrated.  The moment he learned to speak his first word, he was a changed child.  "Dah" was it, and it meant 'water.'  And water is such a useful word.  Whether you're thirsty, if you go for a walk by the sea (we lived 100 yards from the beach then), if it's raining, if you're having a bath, there are so many opportunities every day to say a word that the person you're with will pick up on and make into a conversation.  And, of course, you say it twice and your father is really pleased with you.

And the more he grew up, the more delightful he became.  Lovely young man.  Happy 30th year, Ro.


nick said...

I'd never thought of speech-less babies being frustrated at their inability to communicate but that sounds natural enough. I didn't speak until I was two and I don't remember being frustrated, but then memory doesn't properly develop for several years.

Z said...

He was very independent - he liked his slide but not his swing as he had to be lifted into it. He's much more easy-going now than he was as a baby, but quietly determined probably says it. He didn't like being a baby, I knew it at the time and once I'd reasoned it out, it made sense.

Paul at Hadleigh said...

Yes you can be proud of your youngest. I had worked out it must be 30 years soon. Unbelievable. Much enjoyed our evening with him & R recently. He is a credit to you and will do/is doing well. Rather late godfatherly wishes !

Z said...

I'm not sure if we ever told you, as a very small boy he used to refer to you as 'Dogdaddy," Paul! He's a credit to himself really, he's always been quietly independent. But he is still known to ask my advice - and I to ask his!