Wednesday 31 July 2013

Gus has trouble with his bronichals*

Gus was no better this morning, so I sent Roses an apologetic text, asking to postpone our meeting, which she readily agreed to, I walked the dogs and put the washing machine on and headed off to Norwich again.  Weeza had decided to take the day off work and work tomorrow instead (she works three days a week but there's some flexibility) and I was going to help occupy Zerlina.

We got a bit carried away with the tatts
and later decided to walk to the village shop for ice cream and then go to the playground.  Fortunately, we took umbrellas and coats because we needed them for a while.  I also remembered kitchen paper towels to dry off the swing and slide, and that was needed too.  We were out for a couple of hours and Gus slept most of that time and was still asleep when we arrived back.

Weeza had booked a phone call with the doctor and he asked her to bring Gus in to the surgery in the afternoon.  He was quite concerned that Gus was still ill and decided there was a secondary infection subsequent to the attack of croup.  He reckons it's bronchiolitis and has prescribed both steroids and antibiotics to relieve the symptoms, and has made an appointment for Friday.  Poor little Gus, he tries so hard to remain cheerful throughout it all.  And Zerlina has been a little darling, really helpful and loving.

Their lovely childminder Lynda only has a couple of other children tomorrow, so is willing to take Gus and give him a quiet day, but if Weeza doesn't feel he's up to it,  I'll go over again.  She did pop in to work for a while this afternoon to do some vital air ticket bookings for her boss, so can take a short day tomorrow.

Russell has been very good-natured about holding the fort back here and doing all the dog walking, apart from first and last of the day.  I was more disappointed than surprised when I got home at 6.45 tonight, to find he hadn't bothered to unpack and restack the dishwasher in the course of the day, but it didn't take long, once I'd fed the dogs, prepared dinner and laid the table.  H'm.

*This is correct in East Angularian


Irene said...

Men often don't do the jobs that seem obvious to us. It is as if they have blind spots for them. Either that, or they know this bit of knowledge and take advantage of it. :)

Z said...

It wouldn't occur to him to clean the work surfaces or the sink, but he's done the dishwasher and fed the dogs on the other days. It was just his way of pointing out that he expects me to do the work around here and anything he does is goodwill.

Anonymous said...

Hope the boy will convalescence soon.

Pat said...

Poor little Gus. In my day we found a steamy atmosphere helped - a small room with a boiling kettle - safely supervised of course. I do hope he's better soon.

Z said...

That was what they did the last time he had an attack of croup, Pat, but he was ill enough to be given oxygen in the ambulance on Saturday. And this is a follow-on infection. Apparently, his father and grandfather are prone to bronchial trouble, he seems to have inherited the tendency and the doctor wants it cleared up quickly.

Email from Weeza today to say he had a good night's sleep and is much better, thank you both.

And R emptied the dishwasher unasked this morning :)

Unknown said...

Fingers crossed! xx

luckyzmom said...

I think men are very clever and intentionally do things incorrectly hoping you won't expect them to do it again. I stopped correcting and started ignoring and I wish I had woke up to this sooner.