Monday 1 July 2013

Eighty Winkzzz

Today, I've already had a couple of naps and have lazed about all afternoon. I have read a newspaper, though, which is progress - the table by my bed has a small stack of newspapers which I've taken up to read before putting the light out.  And, obviously, not brought down again in the morning...

Ben is being remarkably good, by the way.  I think it has done him good, meeting so many people.  A friend called in a while ago and, whilst he greeted her with enthusiasm, he sat down when she did (and not on top of her) and then, a few minutes later, went to fetch his bone and put it in her lap.  She coped very well with the experience, and it was certainly remarkably polite of him. I don't think I've ever known a dog give away his bone to someone he doesn't even know well.  Mostly, today, he's been sitting on the floor leaning against me, being affectionate.

Next year, I will have an extra job for Blue Witch: to do something about the weather.  It did turn out pretty well, but in the morning it was clear there was no point in putting out seats in the garden, it just wasn't warm enough.  Both our dining rooms were full of tables and chairs and the sitting room was full of dog (though he'll be calmer by next time and won't get in the way).  So mingling wasn't that easy, once most people had arrived.  Anyway, I'll give you a six month break and come up with a few possible dates in good time, as I did this year.  Wink was very sorry not to be able to come, but no one else was able to man her office this weekend, so she had to work.  She's coming up for a visit next month and I expect I'll go down to her sometime in the autumn, so I hope I'll be able to see some of you then.

Tomorrow, I have a blind date.  I'm going to Holland for a few days in the autumn to do a fairly whistle-stop museum/art gallery tour.  I've always shared a room with my friend Jill who died earlier this year and, though I'm willing to pay the single room supplement if I have to (and I dearly love a hotel room to myself), it does add a startling amount to the price of the holiday.  And the organiser has found someone else in the same situation.  She has kindly invited me to lunch tomorrow, so I'm heading off in the Cambridge direction to meet her.  It feels a bit weird, I have to admit - but if we don't feel we'll be comfortable, we can change the arrangements.  And there will certainly be twin beds, not a double!

And this morning, just to keep you acquainted with every little detail of my life, I spent at school listening to tenders for a three-year outsourcing (not educational) contract.  Isn't that fun?

By the way, Blue Witch would like to be able to comment on your blogs, but she is an independent Witch who isn't signed up to Google, Wordpress or their ilk, so is unable to sign in if you have any restrictions.


mig said...

I'm glad you had time for a nap or two - you must have been exhausted after the weekend.
It was a shame not to see Wink again. However, I do hope you'll be able to come and visit when you go to see her.

Pearl said...

Sharing a hotel room with someone you're just meeting for the first time.

I'd never heard of such a thing. :-)

Hope it goes well!


Z said...

I've also been eating a lot, Mig - fridge full of leftovers is too tempting. Hope to see you later in the year xx

I know, I'm pretending not to be apprehensive, Pearl! I expect she feels the same though. And at least it's another woman.

Indigo Roth said...

A blind chick-date?! This sounds like an adventure, Z. And I do so love and adventure. Indigo x

Blue Witch said...

Next year, I will have an extra job for Blue Witch: to do something about the weather."

Listen, I did explain before the Party (*nods down to previous comments box*) that I'd mis-calculated spell-wise by a day, due to setting up the spell months ahead. I did recommended changing the Party to Sunday, which was the warmest day of the year. Glorious (here) today too. I do what I can ;)

And thanks for the explanation to the other attendees about my special commenting needs.

Liz said...

I fell asleep watching the tennis this afternoon. It's obviously a good day for napping. My new windows are due to be fitted tomorrow so I don't expect any napping opportunities then.

I hope your prospective room mate turns out to be suitable.

LẌ said...

Moby Dick begins that very way! The protagonist strangers share beds at an inn before heading out on a great adventure. Just be careful of great white whales!

Unknown said...


Z said...

A blind chick-date. Well, evidently I'm more audacious than I look!

Yes, BW darling, maybe I'd better send you a calendar so you can count the days next time. I thought you were so accurate!

A daytime nap is marvellous, Liz. Nothing so refreshing. Hope the windows went well - we didn't have more than a shower here.

I'll look out for them, LX. I expect we'll have a whale of a time anyway ... oh. Sorry.

*waves to Wendy*