Saturday 3 December 2011

The cow jumped over the ... fence

Events overtook today's intended post, so that will be inserted another time.

We were going to Norwich today, to meet the Sage's sister June, Weeza and family and Ro.  However, I had a phone call from Dilly (she and co weren't coming because it was the school's Christmas fair).  There was a cow outside their bedroom window.  O K.  The Sage was out.  I went out to investigate, and Whisper was there, quite calmly eating lawn.

I should explain that it's only Big Pinkie who has a name, the other cows now come with just a number.  So we select a name for that season's cows.  Last year was Scarlet, this year is Whisper.

I went and said hello and she showed the whites of her eyes in a mildly alarmed manner.  Since she was near beehives, I didn't want to worry her, so I gave her several pieces of apple and she calmed down.  Cows like apple.  Pinkie was bellowing worriedly for her to go back to the field, but Whisper showed no inclination to return.  It was beyond me to drive her in the right direction single-handedly, so I left her to it until the Sage got home.

And then Pinkie got out.

Anyway, the Pinkster is a wise old cow and very placid, so the Sage and I pointed her in the direction of the gate and she went home.  Whisper nearly did, but then veered off down the drive and ended up on the road.  Fortunately, an oncoming car stopped her from turning towards the village and she went past the church and down the lane to the further end of her field.  Pinkie was making quite a noise, anxious for her friend to return home.  It took quite some time, but in the end, half a ton of cow jumped over a three-strand barbed wire fence and ended up right where she had come from.  We mended the fence, shut the gate, washed our hands, jumped in the car and, thanks to a place in the car park being available right by the entrance, were in John Lewis by the restaurant right on time.

This evening, we went to a quiz at the village hall.  And we did pretty well, considering there was a round of 20 questions on Christmas hit tunes that we didn't know, and came third.  Guttingly, Al and Dilly's team came second.

And so, my darlings, to bed.  An hour's sleep last night and then a short doze in the morning does not do the Z wrinkles any good at all.  I look positively wizened.


Tim said...

Is that all you managed today?? Pfwahh! I ironed five shirts and three trousers, AND made some soup, AND read three chapters of Wolf Hall. And listened to a load of Django.

Z said...

Well, you're just bloody marvellous then, darling. The Sage cooked dinner. I did almost nothing. I relaxed and was adorable instead.


LẌ said...

Well done. You would make a good Texas Cowgirl!

haricot said...

A pastoral scene came up in my brain. When I was child I saw cows often around me, but never now.
You can enjoy both of rural and urban life.

Z said...

I enjoy a spot of rootin' and tootin', too.

Our house is surrounded by fields, on the edge of the village and a mile away from the small town, Haricot. As you say, the best of both worlds.