Friday 9 December 2011

Z is glad the day is almost over

It wasn't really a difficult day, it just felt like it for a while. The Sage had done a valuation and wanted me to type it up, and a couple of publications are to publish pictures from the sale so needed to be sent the photos, so I did all that, and then I took a break to read the paper, so I was in a relaxed frame of mind when I set off for the interviews. I think I will only have one more next week - unless it's been held over until after Christmas, and I'm quite glad of that. I've not been involved with all of them by any means, only the more senior ones.

I had my phone in my jacket pocket on silent, but felt the buzz when I had a call. So, when we had a few minutes' break, I had a quick look and there was a message from the Sage. I rang him back and he wanted my signature. I had to say that I couldn't possibly be available for an hour, but to come along after that. To cut a long story short (and it was a long story, the whole thing took a couple of hours), he had slightly cocked up on the bank transfer front and mislaid a chequebook - or possibly a replacement hadn't arrived and he needed me to help out because he'd made out a fairly large cheque on an account that couldn't cover it. This was easily dealt with because there was plenty in another account, except for two things - one, that we had to go to the next town because the bank in Yagnub closes in the afternoon, and two, that I next received a text from my tenant saying that the boiler had stopped working. Oh, and three, actually - I was in the middle of interviewing for a new head of faculty. I felt the tight band of stress around my head.

 Of course, it was all fine. We went and got the bank sorted out, and the teller was very helpful although there was some unfamiliar paperwork involved. Then I went and phoned the boiler chap and asked him to liaise with the tenant and get the boiler repaired. I texted the tenant, of course - as I had done, reassuringly, in the first instance. And the interviews were fine.

And now it's Friday night (thank you, AQ, for telling me I'd lost a day), and all I have to do over the weekend is get ready for Speech Day on Monday. It'll be fine. What's to go wrong?

 PS  Mourad the boiler man has just phoned. A new boiler is needed. £1,900 and something. Oh well. What was I saying about there being enough money in the bank? Christmas at the Zedary might be a bit quiet.

Still the good news is that I've already got my new iPhone.  They can't take that away from me, as the song puts it.


allotmentqueen said...

Sorry, hun, it's still Friday night. You've got another 24 hours in the bank - is that good or bad?

I'm having trouble with the whole paragraphs thing, but I'm sort of inclined to think I prefer my extended paragraph spacing to your no paragraphs.

Z said...

I know it's Friday night, how on earth did I get that so wrong? I'm a fool. I'll go back and change it - I'd just been unable to bear the solid block of text and come to insert spacings, and I still didn't notice.

LẌ said...

Got the shipment notice today that my new iPhone is to arrive on Wednesday!

Blue Witch said...

You still go to the bank to move money? How sweet ;)

Z said...

Hooray, LX, you'll love it!

The Sage couldn't possibly manage internet banking. It's only been this year that he's started to write his own emails and he still has to keep asking for help. And there are still three banks in Yagnub and we'd like to encourage them to stay open.

luckyzmom said...

When it rains it pours?

Z said...

That's it, love!

mig said...

Oh Ouch; the boiler!
But thank goodness for the iphone. I'm beginning to wonder if I'd like one of those. Until recently I've been convinced that all I need is my old Nokia brick since all I want to do with a phone is phone people. And send texts. And wake myself up in the morning. Hmm.