Thursday 1 December 2011

Zado Annie

Thank you, good friends, for your helpful comments.  I love blogging and I don't want to stop.  Facebook is okay, but I just keep an eye on it and will never spend long with it, I like GooglePlus - the craic is brilliant! - but it's no substitute, and now both Fweng and Ro are pressing me towards Twitter because they like it and I trust the judgement of both, maybe I'll start to use it - I have an account, but never have posted - but 140 (or whatever) characters?  Really, darling, I'm not even into my stride.

I said I'd tell you a story.  Honestly, darlings, what I'll do for lovely eyes and curly hair.  I was stopped by a salesman, who charmed me into buying expensive nail stuff - which of course I won't use, my nails are rubbish and I sometimes bite them.  I don't habitually bite them any more, but they're so weak that they break and then I do, sometimes for months.  Sorry, I know I've destroyed your good opinion of me and you love me no longer, but I have to tell the truth at whatever cost.  Anyway, I'm not telling you what it cost, but I've got enough for three Christmas presents.  But then he tried to flog me eye stuff.

Actually, it's damn good.  I've got this crease under my left eye.  Not under the right.  Well, I had.  It's almost vanished.  And this is 36 hours post application.  But I'd said no, and keeping on trying to sell after I'd said no ... well, do I look like a pushover, darlings?  Pfft.  You're being silly.  I far.  And then that's it, and once I've said no firmly, I don't change my mind.  So I did walk but, adorable as the boy was - oh my word, he was charming.  Fortunately, I'm not susceptible to the charms of boys, and he was certainly gay anyway.  Too sweet not to be - but also too pushy not to annoy me in the end, though I didn't show it.

Tonight, I'm a bit lonely.  The Sage has gone away on a business trip.  I had to leave the house at 8.30 this morning, so we said goodbye - I'd applied lipstick and, inexplicably, he didn't want it all over his face, so he kissed me and I kissed the air.  And then I left, and I won't see him again until Saturday afternoon.  And I will get lonely.  

Mountain Goats.  But I won't come to a salty end.

I will rise up early and dress myself up nice
And I will leave the house and check the deadlock twice.
And I will find a crowd and blend in for a minute
And I will try to find a little comfort in it.
And I will get lonely and gasp for air.
And send your name up from my lips like a signal flare.

And I will go downtown, stand in the shadows of the buildings
And button up my coat, trying to stay strong, spirit willing.
And I will come back home, maybe call some friends,
Maybe paint some pictures,
It all depends.
And I will get lonely and gasp for air.
And look up at the high windows, and see your face up there.

And, to clarify, I'll keep on blogging daily right now.  Until the end of the year, at least.  And then, I might decide to miss a couple of days, or a week, or not blog if I have nothing to say.  But I know that, for some of you, I'm your daily soap opera.  And I couldn't love you more for it.  I'm immensely grateful, and I thank you.


Tim said...

You're never alone in cyberspace!

It took me days to get blogging; continuing years to get Facebook; about a week to get G+; am I ready for Twitter? Doubt it. But I might sign up anyway, just to see what happens.

Z said...

When I started blogging, I felt quite awkward for some time, and if I didn't write for a few days it was very hard to start again. That was the reason I decided to write every day, if possible, come what may.

savannah said...

oh, Z, you are absolutely too adorable for words! i've hit a bit of a slump on my blog, but i do so enjoy reading you everyday! you make me smile, sugar! xoxoxoxo

Z said...

Oh darling, thank you. I love you too xxx

Anonymous said...

Good to learn that you keep on bloggin' daily. It's my night fix.
Anyway, what you decide, I am glad that you do blog.

(I wouldn't follow you to facebook or twitter, sorry.)

Z said...

I've lost touch with blog friends who disappeared in those directions, I'm not going anywhere. And thank you.

haricot said...

To write a post every day must be difficult for me, though. I'm sure that you love writing and express yourself, and it makes us enjoy.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice ecomments.

lom said...

You HAVE to keep bloging Z, too many people need a Z fix for you to stop.

Macy said...

We all go through phases on blogging Z, but I actually would miss yours. It's a comfy kind of place..
Is that an insult?
So don't start doing a Dave on us!!!

Oh yes, and two more things..
1. Send over hordes of people to G+. It's good craic and the more the merrier!
2.WHAT is the miracle cream???

Wendy said...

I couldn't blog every day - not anymore, my life is far too quiet to drum up even a few interesting words - whereas your life is like a proper story -always has been, for me.

Popping in here is a bit like eating comfort food - immensely satsifying and soothing.

But a few days off here and there might be tolerable. ;)

ps..just occurred to me...I'm currently reading a book by Julian Fellowes and there's something about the way he writes, and something about the way you write, that is similar.The way you string words together, maybe? Or the tone/voice? Anyway I'm loving the book.

Z said...

I bought a book by JF at a second hand stall a few weeks ago, forgot it and haven't started reading yet. I'll have a look.

Here you go, Macy - He offered quite a discount actually, and I'm pleased to see it's genuine. They are quite big pots, he assured me they would last 2 years.

I honestly hadn't been fishing for compliments, but thank you, again. I'm not as cosy on G+, the sharper side of the Z tongue has been known to appear among a group of trusted friends. Not necessarily people I've met, natch.

luckyzmom said...

You are the only one in this whole wide world who hasn't abandoned me. I'm holding together by a thread.

Z said...

What? Darling, email me. It's on my profile. Please, love, email me.

allotmentqueen said...

Oh, wow, I thought I was getting my daily fix .... Love to luckyzmom, whatever you need.

Z said...

I don't even write well, I'm so flattered by all you good friends.

If LZM feels able to speak to us, she'll find a lot of good friends here. Bloggers look after each other.

luckyzmom said...

Didn't mean to frighten anyone. I was having myself a pitty party. Will email you soon Z.

Z said...

Love you, dearest xxx