Sunday 26 November 2006

Z looks in the mirror

Why are they called 'laughter lines?' Nothing is that funny.

I was quite amused though. The door to the vestry* has a doorknob and a latch, and also a lock. The latch is wedged so that it isn't needed, or else you need to twiddle three items at the same time to get in. A couple of weeks ago, the knob stopped catching and, so that the door would stay shut when unlocked, I unwedged the latch.

A couple of days later, someone came to me anxiously, to say that the door wouldn't open. I told her to try the latch and she blushed at having given up so easily.

Today, I had an email from someone else who assured me that someone had locked the door with an extra key, could she have it please. I emailed back to explain. She emailed again to say that, of course, she had tried all the latches and knobs and the door WAS DOUBLE-LOCKED.

I have told her that it really wasn't and I unlocked it yesterday and today with no trouble. I have also mended the catch so that she can use the knob again. I said, how puzzling that it didn't work for her and I couldn't work out what the problem had been.

I thought it was quite funny that she could not accept that she hadn't done it right, there had to be another explanation.

We cleared the guttering at the right time. It poured this morning. Fellow Churchwarden and I feel quite smug.

I'm listening to Django Reinhardt at present. Most cheering for a wet afternoon.

*That's the room in a church where the vicar puts on his/her churchy clothes - the vestments. It is also where you keep record books, wine for communion, that sort of thing.


SuperP. said...

omgosh.. I've never met ANYONE else that listens to Django. Wow.

Z said...

My tastes were influenced by my father back in the 60s. Hence, also, Tom Lehrer and others.

I went to see Stephane Grapelli at the Theatre Royal in Norwich some years ago. He was pretty old and frail then - I should think it was his last tour - but he was fabulous.