Sunday 19 November 2006

Eyeless in Err sham*

For the rest of the day, I will pamper myself. I feel a bit needy and woebegone and, although it is my own silly fault, there actually is a reason this time.

I forgot to take out my contact lenses last night and slept in them.

I went to bed early as I felt both ill-humoured and tired - there was some connection between there, but it wasn't the whole story - and usually, if I don't take them out I realise as I get in the bath and have to trudge downstairs wet and nakedly and cold, or wrapped in a towel that is then pre-wetted for later use which is not nice; or else I feel them as I am removing make-up (in the bath) and go down wet-footed and disappointed after that. But I was unaware and went to bed.

You would think that I'd be aware of the difference in my vision, but it is not so. For many years, I wore glasses only to drive or at the cinema or theatre. Eventually, I became a little more short-sighted and found I was having to wear them more. It was when I found that, sitting at the organ, the music was too far away to read without glasses, but too close to read with, that I went for multi-focal contact lenses and they are, usually, fine. But I am so used to the world through my eyes that I don't notice whether it is clear or a little blurred.

At 5.30 I woke, and thought I had an eyelash in my eye. I tried winking and pulling the lid down, and all the things you do, but it didn't help. It wasn't quite bad enough that I had to get up - but later, the other eye started to hurt. I thought of lenses, but I was sure I'd removed them. I fell asleep in the end and got up late. It was only when I wanted to put them in that I realised...

The left one came out. The right one was nowhere to be found. I suppose it is somewhere in the bed, but I haven't found it. I hope it isn't somewhere in the back of my eye - I'd know, wouldn't I? I put in a new one, and replaced the left one and went to church and peered at the hymn music. Hm. Fortunately, the office is presently in the church room and I was able to photocopy it, enlarged. So I got through the service, squinting headachely at the hymns.

Now the lenses are out and will stay out until tomorrow. And I have had lovely home-made soup followed by a baked potato with garlicky cream cheese and I will go for a stroll with Tilly and then light the fire and read the papers.

Music - still Jimi, he suits my mood. Right now, 'Hey Joe'. Later, I think it;ll be Belle and Sebastian. I've only one album of theirs which is 'the Life Pursuit'.

Ooh, 'Foxy Lady'. Can I join in?

Heh heh.

*That's how it's pronounced but not how you spell it. Not that keen on being googled by a local.
Ah, just googled it myself, as one word. One cannot rely on the spelling in mediaeval records.


y.Wendy.y said...

Hello Z...I've been internet-less since Friday..but clearly am back now...

Glad I missed your foul mood though! ;-)

Hope you feel a lot happier - and that the fire is lit and you're relaxing with your papers and a glass of wine...we also had baked potatoes and garlicky cheese,(Boursin, actually) and tomato soup (homemade) for lunch. Weird.

Anyway - just thought I'd pop in and say hello.

Z said...

Boursin, snap!

Wondered where you were, it's only when the connection goes down that I really know how worryingly addicted to the Internet I am.

Yeah, I'm fine now, watching television squintily sans contacts and reading the papers. Had a nap this afternoon too. Lazy? okay, lazy.

y.Wendy.y said...

I also had a nap this afternoon - hence my being up and about at 1am...but then I did stay up all night on Saturday watching Lost - went to bed at 6am...must be nuts!

But am now off to bed, and will sleep well thanks to 2 glasses of nice red plonk.