Saturday 18 November 2006

Glowering with a smile

I'm sorry to say that I am in an absolutely filthy temper. No one has noticed as I've been quiet and plastered a pleasant expression on my face. I really rather want to pick up my wine glass, half full is it is, and hurl it at the wall.

What is going on?


Pat said...

Entertaining is always tiring no matter how much you like them and it can be unsettling. I wish I wasn't such a grouch. Tonight I was watching the Strictly come Dancing programme and thought I should smile more and sat aa long as I could with a vacuous smile on my face. Decided I can only do it when the spirit moves - unless one was acting a part.

Girlplustwo said...

perhaps a refill is in order? i someone giving you a hard time?

seriously, z, i heart you. this too shall pass, whatever's come over you.


Anonymous said...

dunno. but everyone gets that way. you're just all out of nice for awhile.
I really detest having to 'plaster a pleasant expression on my face' when I am feeling in a foul mood.
Time for Z to spoil Z. :)

Z said...

Thank you all, you are lovely. Partly, I was tired (and hadn't had any time alone for the last couple of days and I do need some time to myself) and partly, I feel very bad about upsetting someone, and having to do it in a way that was not of my choosing.