Monday 6 November 2006

An afternoon of being granny

This morning, being a dutiful governor at the High School. Sat in a history lesson as an observer and then went to talk to the folks in the Learning Support Department. And remembered to make an appointment for my next visit, as good intentions are not enough and it's easy to find that half a term has gone by and I haven't done a thing.

Dilly rang up. Squiffany would really love to go for a walk, but Pugsley had just gone to sleep on her. Well, it just so happened that, not only would I enjoy a walk too, but I had some things to deliver in the village. We took Tilly -unfortunately, forgot a plastic bag. Fortunately, had some tissues wrapped in plastic. Unfortunately, then had to carry steaming handful. Fortunately, only for 100 yards or so, as the village is well equipped with bins designed for the purpose of depositing doggy deposits.

Squiffany has, over the last week or so, started to use short sentences. Previously, they were a succession of one word comments, but now she will say things like "my nice juice"' and "where my nice hat please?" You will see the generally cheerful nature of these remarks, I don't think she has a 'cross' vocabulary yet. When upset or tired, she just cries. Not today, I'm glad to say, when she started to rub her eyes she lay on the sofa for a couple of minutes but then got up again, so I asked her if she would like to go for a ride in the car, to send her to sleep. She thought this was a good idea and so it was.

Time to cook. Then, time to work as I haven't done my desktop duties today. Three phone calls and an email do not constitute a day's work.

PS ... 7.36pm ... I eye the inch of wine in the bottle worriedly. I really hope it is not I who have drunk all that, as I don't remember having done so. Dinner will be ready in five minutes or so, frightfully Englishly it is roast loin of pork, local leeks and sprouts, roast potatoes...the pork has crackling of course, which is the point of pork. Why do some countries cut the rind off pork?*

I'm sure that someone else has drunk some of the wine. It wasn't I; for one thing my grammar is not desperately astray and nor is my spelling, and for another there have been no typos to correct. But the thought of two hours work later (minimum) is not a happy one.

*Not countries as such; the butchers or cooks in said countries.


Identikit said...

Oh I hope you are not one of my governors!! That would be a turn-up for the books wouldn't it?

You do sound remarkably sober for someone who has drunk the best part of a bottle of wine. Obviously a hardened drinker!!

Have a lovely evening.

Z said...

That would be fabulous, Tess ....... it's a Suffolk school, is yours in Norwich?. I used to be a governor at the (Norfolk) village school but, after 18 long years, I quit last term.

Yes, a hardened drinker, but I suspect the Sage helped me, as he tipped half the last inch into his not-empty glass and half into mine. I do drink every day, however, as I do not want to let my defences down.

I expect you know my daughter in law's father, he is Quite Big in Norwich politics and education matters.

Good evening, sweetie.

Girlplustwo said...

it was me, z. i slipped in while you were in the bathroom. i always told you i'd be coming for some of that wine.

y.Wendy.y said...

Oh you had me going there with your steaming handful - couldn't quite figure out what you meant but then the penny dropped. How non-charming as experiences go. Nice being a Granny, isn't it. :O)

It would be too bizarre if you and Tess had connections. That would make my world seem even smaller.

Dinner sounds quite good ..hmmm haven't had crackling for yonks. It's the only bit of pork I like though. With apple sauce. The meat just tastes like dirty pig. It smells nasty too.

Z said...

Jen, you should have checked the fridge for the second bottle. Glad to have the mystery solved though....

Wendy, there was a layer of plastic and two of paper hankie between my hand and Tilly's offering, I'm glad to say. Unfortunately, it was in someone's gateway, so I couldn't *not notice* and sweep on by.

Maybe you have been fed on semi-mature boar, which does smell and taste dodgy. The females are much more delicate.

Anonymous said...

French onion soup with veggies tonight. Roast potatoes would have gone wonderfully. Your dinner sounds wonderful. P.S. It was probably the wine fairy--she goes and steals tastes of wine when no one is looking.

Z said...

It can't have been me who drank the wine, not light-headed last night nor heavy-headed this morning. Fairies, Jen or the Sage it must have been.

I love soup.

Identikit said...

Yes, my school is in Norfolk. And yes, I probably do know your daughter's father-in-law and more to the point he probably knows me. Yikes. Don't listen to a word he says though - I'm not like that really!

Anyway, I am only in this job for a few more weeks and then I am a free woman. Hurray!!!

Have a great day. Misty and murky here today isn't it?

Z said...

Not that I'm likely to ask of course, a snooper I'm not.

A chilly, bleak day - such a contrast after yesterday. It gave rise to a major bacon sandwich craving - as you can guess, such cravings are instantly given in to.

y.Wendy.y said...

Oooh I could kill a bacon sarnie - now that's a bit of pig I do like, very much.

I don't think I've ever had boar - just normal roast pork and pork chops and pork fillet - I really don't like it.

The Boy said...

Wine fairies, they exist. Otherwise I'm sure I couldn't have got through as much wine in my life as the empty bottles would portray.

I'm sure I've seen them.

Z said...

Boy, I think I've seen wine fairies too, flitting around my head.

Sometimes however, after I've had a really good evening, they look quite disappointed....and thirsty.