Tuesday 28 November 2006

A germ of an idea

Towards the end of the meeting tonight, my left-hand neighbour looked thoughtful. "I've just thought," he murmured. "Tonight, or around this time sixty years ago, I was conceived."

The new Rector was impressed by the part I took towards the meeting. Bowls of sweets, one between two people (so you don't have far to reach). "I've never been to a meeting where there are sweets before," she said. I resisted the temptation to say "Darling, you've never lived" and explained that there used to be biscuits, but either people had had their evening meal or were going home for it later and in neither event would they wish to chomp on biscuits. Jelly babies and Maltesers are different, however.

Lunch in Bury was good. We didn't go to the Angel, in the end. We went to a pub called the Fox. As we approached the door, I was confused by a sign that said 'Up your Sunday afternoon' and then quite relieved to see, after a few more steps, the almost-hidden word above it, that read 'Free'. Another sign offered 'Al a carte' menu. In fact, once we went in, my spirits rose, partly because it declared itself to be a smoke-free pub and partly because there was an appealing menu chalked on the board. They rose again when I asked for a glass of red wine and was handed a wine list. I had a good mixed mushroom stroganoff (would have been excellent had they been all wild mushrooms and not a good half ordinary button ones) and my chum had red snapper on a bed of crushed new potatoes with fennel.

Afterwards I pottered around while he went to try on trousers, and found how I'd managed to get completely lost last time I'd been there. I must say, Bury St Edmunds is not well signposted for pedestrians. A sign says 'Town Centre' so, slightly puzzled (for I'd thought it was another way), I followed it. A few minutes, it turned me right and then (this time I used my brain - at last - for there was no sign at all) right again. Ah, where I thought it was in the first place, I wonder why I'd been sent an unnecessary half mile. But I discovered that one shop faced the other direction than I'd thought, so when I came out last time, I had walked the wrong way.

The Rector and her husband met Ro, Dilly and Al the other night at the Quiz Night. She said how much they had liked them. "Your daughter in law is lovely" she said. "We said how much like you she is, anyone might think she is your daughter." I thanked them for the implied compliment and agreed that we do have a lot in common.

Time for an early night, I was just thinking. I looked at the time. Ten past eleven. By the time I'm ready, it'll be nearly midnight. Not so early after all, but not late anyway.


Girlplustwo said...

another place i like to visit had this to say today


and it reminded me of your previous post on indian. thought you might like the imagery.


The Boy said...

But a good rector is always amazed when anyone does anything! The poor dears get it drummed into them that origional sin means mankind is essentially irredeamable...

Z said...

Thank you Jen, I've had a look and really like it. I'll browse further later when I'm not pretending to be working.

Boy, we're all doomed, doomed, I tell 'ee. It's the burning pit for us.

Christina S said...

I'm glad you went to the Fox. I like it a lot. I went there for lunch with Mr Ruby one day when we happened to be passing, and found that it definitely surpasses expectations. And the other surprise I got in there was that I found my friend Patrick's paintings are displayed on the walls (which I had never seen before, but just seen him with his jeans covered in paint, waiting for his kids in the school playground) :-)

Z said...

My friend chose it on the basis that it had tables in the garden, therefore people must choose to eat there. Good Norfolk logic. It certainly was a cut above what I'd expected, and convenient too, I'll go there again. And look for the pictures next time. I am very unobservant and didn't take heed of them, I'm afraid.

SuperP. said...

In much of Canada, it is illegal to smoke in restaurants or pubs, nightclubs, lounges, etc.. it's illegal to butt out on the street and it's considered a good reason in custody battles to switch guardians, if one of the parents smokes in the home or car. Many shopping malls, most hospitals and most schools do not allow smoking on their blocks.

It's about time, too.

Hope the same legislation comes your way.