Sunday 5 November 2006

Z is the envy of Ben Gunn

He dreamed of cheese, toasted mostly, if my memory deceives me not. I had a yearning too, and promptly gave in to it, with toasted cheese, soup and a glass of sherry for lunch.

I didn't get down to the pub today. It was after 1 o'clock when I left the church. We had spent some time searching for the silk poppies that assist the flower arrangements for Remembrance Sunday. After clambering awkwardly through the hatch into the attic, looking in the bier shed and all cupboards, I finally spotted them. In a vase, on a windowsill, behind a drawn curtain. Oh.

I arrived home to find a note from the Sage. He is out, making business calls. A self-employed person is never off duty, even for Sunday lunchtime. So, a snack lunch and a look in the paper to see what is on television. Oh. I glanced through the satellite channels, to make sure that I was not missing anything by not subscribing to them. I am not.

So, the Sunday papers and some music it will be, then. Mozart (and Süssmeyer)s' Requiem, to start with, to soothe and uplift. Not that I vastly need it, but I hate that sodding loft ladder.

No, I will not think of it again. Requiem eternam, instead.


Pat said...

Z have been trying to get in your comment box and this appeared under everything so am assuming it is yours.
I like your priorities = church then pub. Whatever happened to the posh poppies. There used to be three grades I seem to remember. I expect it's Blair's fault as usual!

Z said...

Hello Pat, sorry if I've been elusive. You found it, however.

I don't know what happened to the smart big poppies either. Bound to be Blair's fault, most things are.

Yes, a pint or two in the pub is just what's needed after church. Time everything right and I can still have a full roast dinner on the table by 1.30.

Sausages tonight though, round the bonfire.

y.Wendy.y said...

Sounds like a really spiffing afternoon Z. Mine has been very lazy too except I did actually cook for lunch today..but yes - reading, music, dreaming...I like wintery afternoons with the heating shunting on and the sun setting and it's lovely and cozy inside..all that's missing here is a nice big fire and a red setter beside it...oh and a butler to bring me my tipples.

Z said...

Butler? But that's what children are for.

I had a red setter (crossed with a bearded collie, I don't have pedigree dogs), he was lovely. Died two years ago next week, I still miss him.

Grandbabies just arriving, I hear Squiffany saying "Dark" - it takes her by surprise every evening. Off to see to the bonfire.

y.Wendy.y said...

Ha ha - dark..yeah it's dark so early now. I had my boys into bed at 7.30pm....I hoodwinked them. :-)

The Boy said...

Oh the things that are still of importance to a small mind. Our princess still daily informs us of the oncoming darkness, and is vastly amused by the moon appearing (as that doesn't follow the same schedule you know).

Mozart to soothe? I prefer him to envigorate. A little Bach to cool jangled nerves I find.

Identikit said...

Does sound like a lovely relaxing day (loft expeditions aside - or above I suppose).

I am a real pleb about classical music and wouldn't know my Mozart from my Nikolai Rips-his-corset-off.

Have a good week! Sorry I am feeling very silly - you are lucky that I decided that any jokes about Bach and your poor red setter would be in very bad taste.