Friday 24 November 2006

Z gushes a bit too much

I've been on the phone to my daughter for the last hour. We don't have girly chats every week, but always enjoy them. We can ooh and aah indignantly, have a giggle and ask each other for advice - we both value, and feel free to ignore, each others' opinions and don't usually butt in where not wanted. She is, quite honestly, perfect and I adore her.

Look, do forgive me for gushing, I've had a good day. All my children have been so lovely. Dilly and I and the children went shopping in Norwich this morning, Ro and I painted his bedroom (all done, rah rah rah) this afternoon, I rang Al at the shop to bring home veggies for a stir-fry this evening and he tucked in a hunk of ginger in case I wanted it - "Ooh, there's ginger in it" said Ro. "I love ginger in a stir-fry" and then I chatted happily to El. I didn't speak to Phil, but he was spoken lovingly of.

Tomorrow, I'd better do some typing. I've been too busy this week and I'm all behind.

And I must be sensible for a week or two. Not that I will be really, but I'll be sorry if I am not. I have bursitis in my hips and it has been particularly painful recently, largely thanks to crawling multiple times through Squiffany's play tunnel a few weeks ago. I've been rushing around in unsuitable shoes ever since and I can see a visit to the osteopath (no, it's nothing to do with bones but he is the Bizz!) for some ultrasound treatment at vast expense will be needed before long unless I behave myself.

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