Saturday 11 November 2006

Why go for a single entendre, when you can get a double at no extra charge.

"I'll have some more of those Comice pears*," said a customer. "They are delicious. All that's wanted to make them perfect is to be unsprayed and English." "Don't know whether they are unsprayed," replied Al. "It's very expensive and demanding of record-keeping to be Soil Assured or Organic so lots of people don't bother, even if they don't use artificials. But they're English all right, they are from Kent. I can only get them for a few weeks each year and they work out expensive as they are so large, almost a pound in weight each so they cost about 50p. Well worth it though, they are the best."

He paused. Then he added "I wooed Dilly with these pears, you know. I met her in October and used them to impress her. She said that she had never seen such a big pear."

*Doyenne de Comice, as they are properly named.

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