Monday 20 November 2006

For this relief, much ... relief

My right eye felt uncomfortable all day and I was not at all sure if the contact lens had come out. Several times, I ran my finger across the eyeball, trying to tell if it was there, but I couldn't feel anything. The Sage was very sweet and brought me a restorative glass of whisky as I reclined on the sofa in the evening, cuddling the dog and watching television. I sniffed the glass. "Ooh, you got out the malt, and the nicest too," I said appreciatively. He looked pleased. He doesn't like whisky and I was surprised he knew which of the three opened bottles was my favourite.

I stayed asleep as long as I could. I wanted my eye to have a chance to get better, or at least not to have to confront the problem as long as possible. But at last I opened both eyes, and was dismayed. The vision in my right eye was badly clouded, like, I should imagine, a cataract in the days when it had to grow thick before it could be cut away.

I looked in the mirror. It was slightly red and weepy. I wiped it and went to the bathroom, thinking that I'd have to listen to the optician nagging me about how I shouldn't sleep in contact lenses. And it would be pointless mentioning that I hadn't actually meant to, I thought I'd taken them out. I took a tissue and wiped the eye again and went to fetch my clothes. And, when I looked down, there on my hand was a crumpled contact lens, that had spent 24 hours somewhere in the inner recesses of my head.

The eye is fine now, which is just as well as I am going to Norwich in another half hour. A short meeting, then lunch with friends, then a flower show, then a reception at the Castle Museum, then the cinema with Ro, who has the week off work and who will come into Norwich at some time on the bus. Gosh, what a social whirl. And what to wear, darlings, what to wear?

Oh, by the way, and on a completely different subject, comments get sent to me for moderation as I can't take all the spam and word verification when I reply to a comment on my own blog is just too annoying. They get sent in an email. But I discovered by chance yesterday that this has stopped and I just get a notification on the Blogger dashboard. Silly Blogger. I'll turn on the wv for a few days, however, as I will be out most of the time.


The Boy said...

There is a reason I stick with boring old glasses. Sounds like a much more enjoyable weekend than mine!

y.Wendy.y said...

Sounds like a veritable feast of a day...happy socialising. What film are you going to see? And eat? hmmm...

I don't get much spam at all - haven't had it more than twice, I think...and I don't use wv...maybe it comes in waves and then recedes for a while.

Have a lovely day.

Rog said...

One of Mr P's old teachers was always irritating his pupils.

Your left eye looks OK in the picture on your sidebar though.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Same thing happened to me once and I have refused to wear contacts since.

Girlplustwo said...

ugh. poor eye. thankfully it's resolved and on the mend..and you had reinforcements at hand.

Jane said...

Ouchy, I've fallen asleep in contacts before and it is the most horrible feeling when you wake up and I've had lenses go walkabout too that's also nasty.

I'm glad your eye has recovered though.

Completely unrelated I remembered where I had heard your blog title before. The great Tom Lehrer but I can't remember which song. Am I right?

sulgthv - Telly channel for dyslexic slugs

Z said...

Dear Murphy, I left you out, I am so sorry. It was not because of your joke, I love your jokes. Don't listen to the others.

Z said...

What? It published my reply to Murph and not to the rest of you?

Look, Blogger had better stop messing me about - the only person's comments it reports to me are my own and I know I made those. I'll start again, and if they end up coming up twice then you are more than welcome to laugh.


Boy, sounds as if your weekend was less than perfect. Ouch, and sympathy.

I'm sure you look distinguished and handsome in your glasses, however wait until you need bifocals, as I would if I didn't use contacts. The thought dented my pride, especially as the reading bit would have had clear glass in them.

Wendz, I had a toasted brie, sundried and undried tomato ciabatta sandwich for lunch and a caesar salad for an early supper. Then game soup, which is still lingering stoutly, with toast (virtuously dry) for a late supper. The film was Little Miss Sunshine which I recommend.
I've tried letting anyone post any comment, but then one day I got 70-odd spams and the next, over 80 and I broke.

Murphy, at this point I left you out, but the last shall come first and all that. Extra helping of Bakers Complete Shite to make up for it?

Anon and jen, thank you for the sympathy. I and Eyes are made of stout stuff and are not deterred.

Jane, I've napped for up to an hour and been okay, but this has not been nice. A lens vanished somewhere in the cranium feels quite intrusive.

The divine Tom, you are absolutely right and I quote him whenever I can. Its 'Bright College Days' - "Soon we'll be out amid the cold world's strife, Soon we'll be sliding down the razor-blade of life." I know him from the early 60s (my father was a fan) but you are far too young. The songs have held up though.

This wv is Hoh I ZB (all one word, natch) which, it so happens, I am.....

y.Wendy.y said...

Z - you are so virutous I am proud of you...answering all those comments late at night after a lovely but tiring get the Blog Saint Award.

Jane said...

My mum used to sing "The Old Dope Peddler" to me when I was small. I am now the proud owner of the Tom Lehrer box set. Wit and talent like that is timeless.