Thursday 24 November 2011

Z receives a Day

It's been far too long a day, and I didn't quite make it to the end.  It was the Head's appraisal in the morning, which went very well - successful transition to academy, ongoing successful transition towards 11-18 school (instead of 13-18) and an Outstanding Ofsted, I'm not breaking any confidentiality in saying we thought the lad done good.  After lunch, a full governors' meeting, also went fine but by the end I had a splitting headache - and I hardly ever get headaches nowadays - and the prospect of another meeting to come.  And that was a really beastly one, though I am sorry to say that I can't talk about it.  I'm not being awkward - I suppose though, if I can't tell you, I shouldn't even hint at it - but anyway, it finally finished at 6.15.  By then, I was supposed to be in a Year 10 Drama performance, but I couldn't face it.  I was exhausted, felt sick and drove straight home, where I found myself obliged to hurry straight to the loo.  That was a surprise.  I've got the stomach of an ostrich normally - well, I haven't, I've the stomach of a Z - anyway, I'm hardly ever sick.  After that, I went and had a bath (no, there hadn't been an accident, I thought it would make me feel better) and was in bed before 7 and asleep in moments.

Ten minutes later, the Sage brought me dinner on a tray.  I fear that he didn't get the friendliest of receptions.  I stayed in bed, eventually slept again, finally got up at 9.30.  No idea when I'll get back to bed.  I'm fine now, but I think it was the weeks of not enough sleep finally catching up with me.

The Sage just brought me one of the new £50 notes to see, and compare to an old one.  "The banks ran out, they were selling like hot cakes," he said.

Family Christmas wishlists are starting to arrive: or rather, links to them.  If I have the least sense, I'll just get my act together and order everything or go and buy it in the next few days.  I have very little sense, but might just cobble it together somehow.  I'm going to look for some sheet music to suggest for a start - though still knowing that this is pie in the sky.  Still, one has to aspire, I suppose.  I suppose...well, this is a last-ditch attempt, anyway.

I only had one thing in my diary for tomorrow, and fortunately checked, because it's been postponed, which is brilliant.  A day that I'd marked as busy and now have free feels like a gift.


Tim said...

I have a nearly full set of incoming Xmas wishlists, and will go out and shop next week - the economy will singlehandedly bounce back. Writing my own wishlist is much harder - nothing I want can be bought. So parcels of £50 notes will have to do.

lom said...

Your doing tooooo much!

Blue Witch said...

I hate to be a FOTCR™ killjoy, but it's these wishlists that were the nail in the coffin for present-giving for me.

You give someone a wishlist, they give you one. Think how much time is wasted by the receiving person shopping, and then the waste of wrapping paper and often transport/postge costs.

Why doesn't everyone simply buy what they want and know it's from everyone else?

You can still give small, perhaps home-made, special, presents to everyone, rather than the £50 things most people seem to expect these days.

For very young children presents are still OK. Adults to adults... no, it's just wrong.

Actually, I think I'll turn that into TFQ over at mine :)

And - I'm sure my present (pun intended ;)) bug came from being run down through lack of sleep. Do take care to have a restful free day so that you can recuperate properly.

Roses said...

Headaches with nausea are nasty beasts. I hope you're feeling more human my darling. Well done for battling through a busy day though.

Until Boy's birthday is out the way, I refuse to think about Christmas.

I'm taking the challenge one of my bloggers set, support local craftsmen and independent shops for presents.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Ooooh, you have a full list of targets, and the Internet.

Tally ho, there's no fighter escort!

Although I don't think you're half as anal as I am, and therefore don't enjoy the planning and plotting as much as the realisation, you can probably come up with some justification to draw a little table, wishlist down one side, four or five websites along the top, and Go Compare!

If it comes to it, send me the lists and I'll do it for you!

Z said...

There's rarely anything I want either, Tim, and my family know me well enough anyway.

Dearest BW, you surely don't hate to be a FOTCR™ killjoy? (that's Feast of the Cash Registers, for anyone who isn't in the know). There are very few people outside the immediate family to whom I give presents. I'm never going to make things, I haven't the talent or the time. I like to buy my children treats that they, being at an impecunious time of life, couldn't justify buying themselves. And there are always some surprises, but some indication of what they'd like is a help.

I shop locally or on the internet, Roses, can't be doing with big stores.

The thought of having a Personal Shopper is wonderfully tempting, Simon.

And thanks, I had a long rest and I'm feeling fine today, and not doing too much. I look after myself extremely well and take note of warnings.

Paff Rine said...

I am feeling sorry for the Sage. The other day he was praised for providing your tea on a tray when you got back from London. He thought he was on a winner, but this time he gets short shrift! Mind you, it will keep him on his toes :)

Z said...

Scooz me, Paff - there's a difference between having a lovely meal ready when I'm all happy and feeling good, and waking me up to eat half an hour after I've barfed. He knew I was going to bed, he kindly put the electric blanket on!

On his toes or rocked right back on his heels, makes no difference to me when I'm in the mood to push. Wibble, wobble...

Ivy said...

I hope you`re now feeling better.

I don`t have Wishlists from anyone, and when I ask my mother what she wants, she always says nothing! so that`s no help either! So I have to try and think what to buy her.
I tend though to like to buy Christmas presents as a kind of Thank you for people who have helped/supported/and done things for me during the year,including tins of biscuits/sweets for one or wo local shops who have given me good service, especially the butchers who have patience with my requests for small joints etc...