Wednesday 30 November 2011

Z is not tired of life

As I write, there's still half an hour before I board my train home, but I've arrived at the station so here I am.
This has been one of the shortest holidays I could have had, but was well up among some of the best. I found a combination that suited me very well, really enjoyable meetings with friends, plenty of time to walk and enjoy London and also visits to museums and galleries to see a wealth of interesting and beautiful artefacts and pictures. Add to that, down-time to read and relax in the cocoon of a hotel room, and I seem to have hit on a perfect break.
I haven't managed to reply to comments or correct typos, so will do that from home.
Today, of course, there has been the public sector strike. There were barriers up at Trafalgar Square, and lots of police, and some roads were closed, but only a few people, a group of ten, holding placards. I walked along the Strand, which was closed to traffic. Most people still walked on the pavements though. I walked down the central reservation for a while, until it occurred to me that I could enjoy the rare pleasure of strolling in the middle of the road. At the end of the Strand, I heard some toots and drumbeats and along came a procession of demonstrators. It all seemed calm and good natured, both on the part of the demonstrators and the police. I stood and watched for a few minutes and accepted a leaflet, although  I binned it after a few minutes.
I'd though I'd go and have a large glass of wine to mark the end of my break, but then I suddenly fancied edamame beans and headed into Wasabi in Fleet Street for sushi instead. Frankly, darlings, after the walking and moderate eating (notwithstanding meals with friends) that I've done this week, I'll be mildly disappointed if I haven't lost a millimetre or two from the waistline.
I kept walking, having done and seen all that I'd wanted to in museums, and dodged down side streets and alleyways, losing myself while keeping a sense of direction.
And now the train is in, so I will finish. Laters, darlings.
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Blue Witch said...

For a moment I wondered how Fleet Street had been overtaken by a Japanese spicy green condiment, then I realised that Wasabi must be some sort of sushi chain.

Glad you enjoyed the life of a Town Mouse for a few days.

Roses said...

What a wonderful break!

Glad you've had a good time.


Z said...

It was lovely, I had such a good time. And your surmise is correct, although my sushi did include a helping of wasabi as well as pickled ginger. Sinuses clear not.

I did, darling. I really would love to see you, I'll be in touch. It's been too long xxx - oh! x, indeed.

Z said...

*now. Honestly, darling, I'm hopeless.