Sunday 27 November 2011

Z goes on holiday

It was a brilliant day.  I'd invited Ro and Dora and Al, Dilly and the children, but hadn't asked Weeza, Phil and co because Dilly had had a bad cold in the week, and didn't want to pass it on to Gus.  However, while I was out at church, the Sage phoned and invited them anyway.  Apparently, he'd been going to not tell me, for a surprise - you'd think, after all these years, that he'd know better?  Anyway, Weeza vetoed that, so I cooked a pound of chipolatas, just to augment the 6 pounds of pork in case there wasn't enough food.  It all got eaten.  Dilly had made a blackberry and apple crumble, Weeza bought ice cream, I made custard, so pudding was taken care of too.  It was one of those days when there was a lovely atmosphere and everyone had fun.

I'm a bit busy this evening, because I'm off to London for a couple of days and haven't started to get ready yet.  I'm hoping that the two blog meets that I've set up will happen okay - sure that one will, but the other person hasn't yet confirmed and I don't know where or what time yet, and have only the pseudonymous email address and no phone number.  May have to tweet, but I avoid Twitter almost entirely.  Too many social networks already, can't get involved in another, though I have an account.

It's not yet December, so I apologise for the subject of this picture, but it is at least Advent, so officially the Christmas season.  I thought it was jolly good for a child who is only just five years old.

And now, I must go.  I'm not sure if I'll blog while I'm away; if not, I'll see you on Wednesday evening.  Be awfully good, darlings, while I'm not here to keep an eye on you.

PS - both made contact.  Huzzah!


allotmentqueen said...

I love Santa in his sleigh - that's brilliant - and the reindeer with his startled antlers. Ooh, and all those angels, too. There's obviously an extremely artistic grandchild there. Expect to be selling their paintings at auction soon!

Ms Scarlet said...

Children are excellent at composition.
Have a lovely trip!

allotmentqueen said...

Oh, the power of the blog, eh?

Z said...

I've made as many friends in six years of blogging as I have in real life.

Roses said...

Glad you had fun with your clan. They are marvellous people.

And have a brilliant time in London. I look forward to the tales of the blog meets.

Huzzah to new bloggy friends!

Z said...

Absolutely, darling. See you soon xx

Pat said...

Lovely family day. The Sage sounds alarmingly like MTL at times (mucking around withe carefully thought out arrangements.)
Hope the meets are happy ones.

Unknown said...

Have a good tri!xx