Friday 11 November 2011

Z can't think of anything to write about

The Sage, a fortnight after his sale, is getting prepared for the next one.  He's got an appointment tomorrow to value several items and has already agreed about half a salesworth of china - mind you, we only have 80-100 lots altogether.  Only two auctions a year, and yet it takes a disproportionate amount of time and thought.  Fortunate that the Sage's business is also his hobby, and one he never tires of.  We've been discussing the finer points of various Mandarin patterns tonight, me with rather less interest than him.  I feel that, by 11 o'clock at night, one should normally have finished work for the day, but it isn't work to him, so it does not occur to him.  As a result, I feel a bit unrelaxed.

This week, I've mostly been buying train tickets.  Oh, for the days when you just turned up at the station, bought a ticket and got on the train.  Now, there's such a difference in price that one feels obliged to book well ahead, to commit to particular times even if they're well off-peak.  The Sage and I are each going to London twice in the next few weeks - not together, of course, we only do that if we're going to an auction.  I'd like to have gone with him next week, but I've got several things on and it's not possible.

Still playing the clarinet today.  Mouth less sore, thumb too, a distinct improvement in technique.  Maybe there is hope for me after all.

Today is the 88th anniversary of my mother's birth, although her last actual birthday was her 79th.

I feel that I've short-changed you today, darlings.  Sorry.  I've written some enthusiastic emails and it seems to have taken all my writing energy.  Tomorrow, I'll do better.


Marion said...

Nothing wrong with your post, Z. It was really like a nice chat.

haricot said...

It is good for your husband that his job is also is his hobby.
He is a happy man, and so you are.

Roses said...

You haven't short change us, I'm ever so pleased that you're playing the clarinet again.

Roses said...

(as per your New Year's resolution)

Z said...

Thank you, Marion. It was actually the third attempt, which is a bit dismal to admit.

He celebrated 50 years as an auctioneer back in the Spring, Haricot, and he still enjoys it. We certainly are lucky.

Also met a lot of bloggers, which I think was last year's resolution, and more planned! I'm writing about the clarinet in the hope that you'll all nag me if I don't keep on working at it. Mind you, I'm not letting any of you hear me, you'd shut up pretty quick.

Tim said...

When I have nothing to say, I tend to say nothing; whereas you manage to make it interesting!

I'll nag you about the clarinet if you nag me about the guitar. Deal?

Z said...

Tim, you can't know how kind and welcome that comment was, at that moment (although I'll explain). Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I use Red Spotted Hanky for train tickets. They give you money back so I've just made a booking and cashed in all my chips for this year. Every little helps.
Also bought a return to London for early next year which was cheaper as four singles! It included Liverpool St to Billericay to Lowestoft, to get home.

Z said...

Thank you for that, Bill, I'll check them out. I did get good prices for the tickets, but money back sounds brilliant! Booking early makes a big difference too.