Monday 14 November 2011

Z washes windows

Another hour's nap in an otherwise sleepless night, I've been quite tired all day.  But I have finished the porch, and also taken a carful of stuff to the dump, so I feel quite good overall.  I arrived home from tonight's meeting to be greeted by the Sage, saying that a friend was hoping I'd phone her back ... I haven't.  I still have not finished tonight's work (which I hadn't had time to do earlier) and writing here is a short relaxation, I didn't really feel like chatting.  I did fit in a clarinet practice this afternoon (how about you, Tim, have you played the guitar this week?  Not to worry if not, dear heart, aim for Wednesday at latest, perhaps) and, although it was only half an hour or so, I finally felt that there was some fluency to my playing.  I shall persevere, please keep a stern eye on me. I sort of feel that this time is make or break.  What is good is that my thumb doesn't hurt any more when I play, so it was just the unaccustomed weight of the instrument, not a problem with the joint - or, if it is, it's in its early stages.  So, all in all, whoopee-doo.

Weeza phoned this morning, and she's coming over with the children on Wednesday.  It so happened that Dilly and Hay were here at the time, so we all chatted and made arrangements - this is really for the two mums and cousins to get together, although I won't be excluded.   Both boys are past the mewling and puking stage and Hadrian, in particular, is getting interested in reaching for and playing with toys.  In less than a fortnight, he will be six months old.

Sorry, back to work now.  After two nights without much sleep, I may well oversleep tomorrow and not have time to finish preparations for the meetings, so I must do it now while I'm sure.  Goodnight, darlings.  Sweet dreams.


Compostwoman said...

Having had a number of very sleepless nights recently (due to worries, then aches, then illness, then last night both Compostman and I were sleepless for huge chunks of the night - sigh - and suspect the wine we drank was to blame as this is such an unusual event ...)

I sympathise completely.

We both went back to bed this morning after Compostgirl had gone off to school - otherwise we both would have been utterly useless I fear. Thank goodness we have the luxury of self employment /retirement to be able to do so! I dread to remember what a sleepless night AND having to go to paid employment the next day, felt like :-(

Can you go back to bed for a reasonable period of sllep during the day? I find if it is only a couple of hours or so, it helps enourmously and does not affect the next night's slumbers.

Hope you get some better quality of sleep soonest Z

Compostwoman said...
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Compostwoman said...


* sleep, even

and enormously is, of course, not spelt the way I spelt it, above!

Marion said...

Sleep deprivation sure is aggravating. Maybe it's the full moon. Congrats on keeping up the clarinet practice.

mig said...

You shame me. I need to play my fiddle more and am put off by tiredness and back-ache. I shall be inspired by your diligance - so do, please, keep it up and keep telling us how it's going.
I do hope your sleepless nights stop soon. Maybe a nap during the day would help, I have a friend who is a compulsive early riser who always has a short sleep in the afternoon and says it makes her feel more relaxed about sleeping at night.

Tim said...

I haven't! *Hangs head in shame* I need to decide which guitar, and put new strings on it. Then decide what to play. Decisions can take ages, can't they?

Blue Witch said...

I'm not sleeping well either. It's not good, is it?

Hope the clarinet playing nourishes your soul. Or whatever else such things do...

Z said...

I did have a nap this afternoon, about half an hour - if I go to bed then I'm out of it for hours, safer to doze off in an armchair. It's such a waste of time, lying there in the early hours when you really can't face getting up, and don't feel like doing anything much if you do.

Blimey, don't be ashamed, Mig and Tim. I've been years bleating that I'm going to get going with the clarinet again, but this time I'm either going to keep it up or decide to let it go quietly.

I suppose that's what it does, BW. Not having an artistic bone in my body, it's the equivalent for my dumb and prosaic soul that your art is for your inspired one. Playing the clarinet badly isn't much, but it is good for me.