Wednesday 23 November 2011

Turbulent LA

It has to be said, even though the school has become an academy and should be free of local authority control, they are still on our backs.  At least we don't meekly have to do what we're told any more, but they are still trying to control us, and have a fair bit of power.  I've written a forceful letter this evening - polite of course, and constructive, but with no hint of the usual gentle Z that you know so well.

Well, that's the impression that I try to give here, anyway.

My car wouldn't start this morning, the battery was flat.  It was fine yesterday, zero today.  It didn't matter, we went out in the Sage's car, on a rare day out together.  Recharging it overnight, and we'll get another one by the end of the week.  It has to be said, my £1,500 car has given very little trouble in the last three years.  Even this time (and you can't blame a car for its duff battery), it politely didn't leave me stranded anywhere.  So I gave it a consoling pat.

Many thanks for the advice on Alzheimer's.  A friend sent a paper with typical questions that a doctor asks and I have given it to my friend.  I have also checked myself.  I am fairly sure that I am okay.  In fact, the blood tests have so far shown that she has an under-active thyroid - I wonder if that could be part of the problem?  It would be wonderful if they have less to worry about than he fears.

I finished the letter and sent it to the Head to be okayed ('Brilliant!', I received back) and then paused to drink a cup of peppermint tea.  I became aware of rustling sounds and tracked them to a bag which I knew contained some chocolate left over from Easter (we don't eat much chocolate) that was on the floor. I decided that it probably also contained a mouse.  So I scooped it up and gave it to the Sage, who took it outside.  "You can just leave it if you like,"I suggested - but he wanted to be sure, so he took it onto the field and shook it.  The mouse shot out and ran away, poor little thing.  Still, if only it knew, that has saved its life.  If it hadn't actually been inside the bag, I'd have set a trap.

That reminds me, this morning a movement outside the window caught my eye.  I kept watching and it soon became apparent that a blue tit was going in and out of a nestbox.  Surely not?  Could it just be setting up home for the winter?  However confused the little thing is, it surely is not nesting, not at the end of November.

Darlings, I must get back to work.  I'm a bit busy tomorrow, but on Friday I shall devote myself to blogs.


Dave said...

Blue tits in my garden have been visiting the box this last week. A friend told me they use them for winter shelter.

Z said...

Thanks, Dave. I hoped that was the case.

badgerdaddy said...

The thyroid can affect almost everything in the body, it's utterly bizarre. My lovely wife's recent illness seems to have stemmed from hypothyroidism, despite the doctor asserting that her result were perfectly acceptable - what we have learned is that doctors work within set perameters, and if they don;t apply to you it can be difficult to get them to listen or even investigate - or trust - what you believe may well be wrong. Still, we took one trip to Holland and Barrett, and after six months of absolute misery, the next day, she was absolutely fine. And in fact has since tiled the bathroom and installed a shower - and all because she discovered a doctor online suggesting Sea Kelp supplements, as the iodine content is vital for thyroid function. Oh, and Selenium, but I forget what factor that affects. Maybe iodine absorption.
I'm rambling. Thyroid, it's a bugger.

Anonymous said...

Walking through the village yesterday and today I saw buds on some bushes or greenery - I have no clue about these.

Blue Witch said...

Are you able to throw more light on the LA's attempted 'activities'?

I haven't found any mice inside this year. Yet. Lots in the raised beds though (rat traps baited with peanut butter are excellent - save maimed/half-dead mice that modern mouse traps tend to produce).

Blue Witch said...

*wonders who won the sweepstake* ;)

Z said...

It is, Badge, it's one of those things where you can feel ill or lacklustre for ages before you even look for help. And if it's a matter of a supplement, then self-help is the way to go, glad it's working.

I've got a lot of flowers back in bud and bloom, Mago, including roses. It's all wrong of course.

We do tend to leave the door open, BW, so it may just have walked in. Once, I saw one run in, chased it all round the drawing room, trapped it under a cushion, grabbed it and took it right out again. Poor little thing, it bit me and closed its eyes, thinking its last moments had come.

I can't, I'm afraid. Discretion has to rule.