Tuesday 22 November 2011

Old posts

The Sage is very happy.  There is a picture of the bowl which he sold on the front page of the Antiques Trade Gazette and a whole-page article about the sale, including the report that the buyer left by helicopter  and, since he'd bought the guglet and bowl for a friend, that he was allowed to take it with him and send a cheque a week later.

Obviously, when the Sage is happy, I am happy.  So all is jollity in the household.  The Sage has decided to give his apologies for a meeting this evening on the strength of it, so I will have his company after all.

I had a few spare minutes this morning before I went to school, which I spent browsing through my early posts.  I found my first ever comment, written by Pat on 12th March 2006.  I note that I called my daughter Rose and my younger son Baz in those days.  I'm not sure that Al had a name, he was just the Greengrocer.  Weeza then became El; she chose her present name herself. I seem to sound much the same in those early days as I do now, which interested me.  Slightly embarrassing, and unintentional, the last post of the year (which is what you reach when you click on 2006) describes the mildly frivolous fact that I was wearing stockings and suspenders.  Several early friends are still blogpals now, including Martina, Wendy, How Do We Know, the Chairwoman and Blue Witch, which is delightful.

I've never read all my archives and I don't plan to.  But I might well dip in a bit.  I was funnier then.


Rog said...

When turn up at sales in a helicopter and they ask if I want to buy something I say "Just hovering".

Blue Witch said...

I suspect that everybody is funnier in their early blogdays.

I was talking to a textile tacher yesterday who's just started blogging. "Have you heard about this new thing called blogging, it's great fun..." she asked. I played along, acted innocent, and she told me all about it. After almost 9 years, there was a certain freshness in hearing all about it from a newbie.

Z said...

You're welcome here any time, Rog, and I'll provide the hoover.

I don't think I've heard of anyone discovering blogging for at least a couple of years, BW - you'd think everyone who was going to would have one by now! Although quite a number of friends from then don't blog any more, I was impressed that so many still do - and reminded of those I miss.

Liz said...

I can't remember when I first came across you Z but I'm glad you're still here. Most of the blogs that I read when I first started (also in 2006) are no more. I need to discover some new ones.

I'm very impressed that Blue Witch has been blogging for 9 years. Will I last as long?

Tim said...

I bet Blogspot's December 2006 archive has just crashed!

I occasionally revisit my old posts (though I'm a youngster compared to you blog veterans), and I agree - I was funnier then. But of course I was just a teenager.

Z said...

I can't remember when, Liz, but you left a comment as I was relatively local to you. I then visited you back.

The thing with Blue Witch is that she has always been receptive to finding new blogs. Some early bloggers don't reach out, and then grumble that it's not what it used to be. Indeed, it was a close-knit community then, but never a closed one.

I'm blushing now, Tim.

lom said...

I loveto read my old posts, just to see what I was doing this time in those years gone by

Macy said...

One of the sadder things about looking back on early posts is that a couple of my early commentators have been lost to cancer.
Which is a lovely thought to leave a comment on ....sorry...

Wendy said...

The first comment I left on your blog was the day my Dad died - I can't imagine how I sat reading blogs when I'd just heard he had passed away. Must have been in shock. It was a peculiar day.

I've remained in (very) sporadic touch with only 2 bloggers I knew from those days. I have changed, my life has changed, my tastes have changed.

Does it say something about me, or you, that I still enjoy your blog as much as I ever did?

You are lovely Z.

Wendy said...

I meant 2 bloggers other than you.

Blue Witch said...

Over the years, three of my readers have got married, four have got civilly partnered, three have died, two have got divorced, almost all the female ones have had babies (or pseudo-babies, eg grandchildren).

People generally come and go from blogging, or re-invent themselves with new blogs/ identities.

I'm sure there's a PhD for someone in looking at the personality types and lifestyles of those of us who persist, persistently, in original form, over time.

I have made a point of meeting face-to-face with people whose blogs I read (so am involved with). It's too esy to lie on the internet/in other social media, and I can't bear dishonesty or falseness.

Z said...

I'm going to have to look back, after all - it is about the friends I've made, not what I've written about. I *gulp* love you guys.

Ahem. No, it's true, though. I'm going to come back to this.