Tuesday 29 November 2011

Blog meets

I have had the most brilliant time in London - I am not going home until 4 o'clock tomorrow but it can hardly get better. I'm afraid I was a bit mysterious about whom (grammar) I was meeting for dinner last night, but that was because I hadn't asked if I could take his name in vain.
I've been reading Fwengebola's blog for several years, it is hilariously ouch-making on occasion and I've taken the opportunity to give maternally good advice and sympathy, which intrusion he has dealt with manfully. He is, in fact, even better company than I expected and I had a great time last night. Thanks, Fweng.
Today, PixieMum and I chatted for so long that it wasn't until her dear husband, Ian, turned up that we realised it was half past lunchtime ... So we had lunch too. Again, lovely company and many thanks to you both.
And then I had a phone call this evening from Christopher. He phoned on the off-chance, I was about to leave for a solitary supper at the noodle bar around the corner from Angel station (my usual resort when I'm staying in Islington - not that I was this time, but not far away) and we met for dinner. Again, I've had such a nice evening. Chris and J came to my Wall Party in the spring but, because of my ludicrously stupid decision to have a barbecue which didn't happen because it was cold and windy, I spent most of the time cooking and not much of it chatting. So, the guests I'd wanted so much to meet all talked among themselves more than to me. Thank you, Chris, for listening to me rabbitting on and I had a lovely evening.
Now back in my hotel, and going to have a bath and then to bed.
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Tim said...

Sounds great! Can you give me the link to Fweng's blog, he sounds interesting.
Glad to know Chris is still around - give him my bests if you talk. He has my email, and I'd like to hear from him.

Anonymous said...


kippy said...

It sounds like a delightful trip! Makes me wish that I lived in London, just so we could visit.

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself!x

Z said...

I've done the link now, Tim, and I've given Chris your message. He's been very busy composing.

Everyone else, yes, absolutely!

Anonymous said...

For the THIRD time attempting to comment - it was lovely meeting you too, and thank you for all your help and advice over the years. Seriously

(This comment now seems insincere since anger and tiredness at my attempts to send this have affected my mood)

But thanks all the same...

Z said...

All unasked for too, Fweng - I'm the gift that keeps giving!

I loved meeting you, thank you too.