Friday 16 September 2011

Slipping and sliding

I'm feeling quite remarkably chipper, for no especial reason, particularly considering how little sleep I had last night.  I woke at around 3, after a couple of hours' sleep, and it was just as well because the burglar alarm went off a few minutes later.  I didn't bother with my usual scan from the window because I'd heard nothing, but stomped down to turn it off.  When I got back, the Sage said he'd caught a mouse a couple of nights ago and set the trap again.  It's autumn, evidently.

This is quite a house for wildlife.  We have to set traps, there is only the occasional pair of mice but you can't leave them or soon you'd have an infestation, and they return if you use a live trap.  And some of the spiders are whoppers.  Fortunately, I don't mind them at all.

It reminds me, the other day Dilly was telling me that they were down by the river in Yagnub and saw a snake swimming in the water.  I know that grass snakes are good swimmers, but I've never seen one doing so, I was quite envious.

Pugsley has completed his first week at school.  It has gone well.  He was hugely looking forward to it, and arrives in his parents' bedroom at 6 o'clock each morning, asking if he can put on his uniform yet.  Dilly is usually awake then feeding Hadrian and Al has already left for work, so this isn't as poorly received as it would be in this house.  He is also eating all the fruit that Dilly puts in his lunch box.  Pugsley isn't fond of fruit, so this shows quite some level of enthusiasm for doing the right thing.  His big sister loves school, of course, and it is a delightful school.  I have known it for 23 years and was a governor there for 18 of them, so it is dear to me.

I'm looking forward to next week, I've got a few good things on, including a visit to London on Wednesday.  I'm not doing anything interesting in itself, just going to meet the gas engineer for the annual checks and boiler service, but Wink is coming up to meet me for lunch (isn't that lovely of her?) and then I'm meeting my friend Lynn after she finishes work and we'll have an early dinner together.  She has broken her wrist, having slipped in the bathroom while balanced on the bath cleaning tiles.  Housepride, like sport, is really quite dangerous and I'm glad I don't suffer from enthusiasm for either indulgence.

PS - Had to share this - the eyes do have it, don't they?  Thanks, Jonco.


Unknown said...

The snake in the river is probably after little frogs at this time of year. A few years ago we had a resident grass snake in our garden, and frogs bred in our pond, so that when we saw the grass snake it was in or near the pond, and he usually had a small frog hanging from his lower lip like a fag end.

Z said...

Yes, of course I'm fond of frogs too. You paint a vivid picture, Mike!

Rog said...

Yes I prefer the image of the dog with the biscuits!

Dave said...

I want some bath cleaning tiles.

Christopher said...

We have adders (non-poisonous) occasionally in our ponds too, but they eat anything, water boatmen, dragonfly larvae, etc. They swim like spermatozoa. (Or so I believe, never having actually seen a spermatazoon in action.)

When you see Lynn, would you please pass on my warmest regards? I haven't met her except vicariously through you, but I continue to enjoy her work enormously.

Z said...

I don't eat frogs, I should add.

I considered whether to add a couple of commas in the previous paragraph (the sentence starting "Dilly'), but I decided that, although the grammar wasn't perfect, the meaning was clear and I shouldn't underestimate the comprehension of readers. Evidently, I overestimated yours, Dave.

I have never seen adders (poisonous) in our garden, but there are plenty of them on heathland two or three miles away. I will pass on your compliments to Lynn, Chris.

mig said...

I haven't seen a wild snake in this country for years. I rather miss them.
Until recently the only problem we have with invading wildlife was with mice, rabbits and on one occasion a stoat which the cats brought in. But when our last remaining cat goes, we may have to resort to traps.
(I love the dog : )