Friday 30 September 2011

Mortar do

A spot of bricklaying today.  I haven't done it myself in fact, though I have been doing the pointing and tidying up afterwards, because I've had too much else on.  Those of you who have visited us may remember, opposite the wall that Dave, the Sage and I built, we have widened the drive a little, taking in a bit of the lawn and, because the level drops, a low retaining wall is needed to keep the lawn where it is.  Just four courses of bricks, and after that is completed, a little compacting of rubble and some weedkiller along the drive and then we can finally get the whole job completed.  Which will be a great relief, let's hope for dry weather in the next week or two.

The children came in again today so that their mother could pack up the car, ready for their holiday tomorrow.  Part of our present to Pugsley was an elaborate Lego Toy Story kit, and we were building that.  It took a long time.  It is marked Age 7 - 12, so he needed a bit of help (our family has always been ambitious, age-wise, with Lego) but it was all good fun.  We completed three sections of the five, and they could be played with individually or together.

Most of the family will be on holiday soon.  Ro and Dora are off to Egypt tomorrow, Al and co off to Dorset and Wink is going to Spain next week.  Weeza and I have just been commiserating with each other, we're the only ones without a holiday to look back on or forward to.  She and the children are coming over tomorrow, Phil is visiting friends near Cambridge.  He plans to cycle there.  I think he'll have a warm journey.  What gorgeous weather we're having, such a treat at this time of year.


Mrs Rine said...

I had been thinking that, Z. All this talk of holidays and you haven't had one. Anything in the pipe line at all? I am sure you could do with a change of scene.

Dave said...

Well, Z, to quote you from a few days ago, most of us think that your life is a holiday.

Z said...

My sister and I are talking of a couple of days in London in November, but that rather hinges on there being something we want to see at the theatre, and so far I haven't spotted anything. Otherwise, not until well into next year.

I work, Dave. I just don't get paid for it.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Z:
You will, we are sure, be very glad now to have the drive project completed for these things do, with the best will in the world, have a habit of hanging over.

We are sorry to hear that you do not have a holiday lined up(!!) but, from what we hear, you are enjoying Mediterranean temperatures in Britain at the moment so the loss may not be quite so great! Here the weather continues to be a perfect 25C although the nights are distinctly cooler.

Kellemes hétvégét.

Mrs Rine said...

A London trip with your sister sounds fun.

Rog and I certainly don't think your life is a holiday. Not only do your have all the voluntary work plus Grandma duties, but there is the none too small matter of running the Auction House! All power the Z!

Z said...

Thank you, Jane and Lance. Yes, it's taken several months, on and off, so it will be lovely to have the job completed before winter.
25ºC is quite perfect, isn't it - not that we expect that in England in October! A few more days forecast, then back to normal. I usually have a holiday in the spring but I was too busy this year and, because my latest grandchild was due, I didn't visit my sister in August as usual. Nothing booked this autumn either.

The governor thing has become, rather over-involvedly, my *career* for the present, Mrs R. It's just as well it's unpaid. I'd be too expensive. Hah.