Wednesday 7 September 2011

ReZistance is futile

Hadrian is now three-and-a-half months old and is a fat and cheerful baby.  All mine were very chubby, so were H's brother and sister, but all became thin once they were two or so, they just grew outwards before upwards.  Zerlina, on the other hand, was tall and skinny from the start. I have not been able to get Hadrian to acknowledge me at all.  I looked towards him and he looked away.  I moved to his line of vision again and he refused to catch my eye.  I chattered to him and he looked politely bored.  My sister came to visit and he looked at her at once and started to smile charmingly.  I thought that was a bit off, I have to say.

However, the other day, I somehow made the breakthrough.  He suddenly, when I was holding him, noticed the top I was wearing, which was white with red and black markings.  He found it very interesting and gazed for some time.  Then he glanced up at me.  He looked me in the eye, then looked all around my face and finally gave me the most splendid smile.  Since then, he's smiled whenever he's seen me.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go to Norwich again.  I know, darlings, mad consumer frenzy has me in thrall.


kippy said...

So, Hadrian's wall (not looking at his grandmama) has been broken!

Sir Bruin said...

So it's definitely not wind then?

Friko said...

there you are the, you have been duly vetted and found to be acceptable.

Z said...

Seems so, G & F.

The sight of my face brings on colic, you think Sir B?

Sir Bruin said...

Is this one of those occasions when a bloke says one thing and a blokess hears another? Having met you, I can say with utmost certainty that your beauty is only matched by your generosity and in no way could your countenance induce any gastro-intestinal malfunctions. *Throws shovel away and climbs out of hole*

Z said...

Not at all, Sir B, I am a bloke at heart. I was merely teasing.

Dand, x

Oh, Sir B, I'm not that much of a bloke. x to you too.