Thursday 15 September 2011

Not also but only

I normally fetch two friends from Beccles to take to Norwich for our monthly lunch.  They are sisters, now in their eighties, and they gave up their car some years ago when they moved from country to town.  I phoned last week to confirm I could fetch them, apologised that I wouldn't be able to take them home but offered to take them to Norwich bus station at least.  So I arrived at 11.15 - and Jo opened the door looking puzzled.  "It's Thursday,"I said brightly.  "I thought the lunch was next week," she said.

There are two monthly events, you see, on the third Tuesday and the third Thursday, which normally happen on the same week - but this month, the first was a Thursday so the lunch was the earlier event, and they hadn't realised.  They have been very busy, they are moving house next month, there's every excuse.  Jo's sister was going to Norwich as it happens, but she had various things to do, Jo herself was looking after a neighbour's dog - I drove Lilian to John Lewis and went and gave their apologies for the lunch.

Afterwards, I did some grocery shopping and so on, I was wearing a pair of court shoes, only 2 inch heels but my feet felt quite constricted by the time I arrived home and, this evening, my left hip is hurting.  Pah.  It's not the prospect of another operation that dismays me, it's the limitations I'll be under beforehand.  Every incentive to keep cycling and stay as fit as possible.  Which isn't very fit, frankly, but better than total inactivity.

Ro stayed for dinner, and the Sage has gone off now to drop him off at Dora's brother's house, because they are going out for a drink together.  Ro and Dora's bro, that is, not the Sage.  He's going to call on Mike and Ann.  Not blogger Mike and Ann, that is, old car expert Mike.

All in all, it has been an excellent day.  I'm going now to watch the final episode of The Killing, which Ro says is double length, so I'll never get around to watching it online.  I should be working, but I'll have to do that later.  Now, I'll watch television and read the paper, because I can never *just* watch television.


Rog said...

Thankfully Mrs Rine is in charge of spiders in this house. And there does seem to be a lot at the moment - apparently it means our house is dry. I think it's more likely something to do with everything becoming web based.

Dave said...

I'm glad I read FB before coming here - otherwise I would think Rog has finally gone completely gaga, as you haven't mentioned giant bird-eating spiders here.

Rog said...

Nope. Gaga it is.

Z said...

You need net curtains, Rog.

Mouse-eating, Dave. Don't exaggerate.

I wondered why you were wearing slabs of steak and a face-mask, Rog. Sing to me next time?

Tim said...

Where do the spiders come in??
My house is hermetically sealed. I'm told that bowls of conkers are the answer.

Z said...

There are gaps in our house, which are quite big enough for mice as well as spiders. I like them, it's all right, and they eat the plagues of woodlice as well as flies. Last night's, I picked up and put in the porch, it seemed a bit much to shove it outside.

Anonymous said...

hello I think I found you through Tim

I am finding the few posts I have just read a are a real joy.

Now, I'll watch television and read the paper, because I can never *just* watch television.

I am just the same, I cannot just sit and watch tv, I have to be doing something else like reading, writing, puzzles etc consequently I always miss the most important bit just from looking away at the wrong second.

Z said...

Hello Anna, thank you for dropping in, you are very welcome.

I'm glad I'm not the only one, which is the impression that my children always gave me!

luckyzmom said...

Not the only two either!