Sunday 4 September 2011

Z is cheerful

In the last couple of weeks, I've finally relaxed completely.  I kept August as clear as I could, but it's only been since Gus's birth that, I can now look back and realise, all tension has drained away.  As a result, I'm not fretting about the work that September will bring, but looking forward to it.  Which is a bit stupidly naive for someone as old as I am, I'll be grumbling in no time!

Having said that, I remember that there was a whole set of papers that was due to be emailed out this weekend.  It will wait until tomorrow.  I'm still on holiday until then.  I lay in bed reading for an hour this morning before getting up, it was like old times.  It still puzzles me that, after half a century of reading voraciously, I hardly read books at all at present.  I read a fair bit, two newspapers per day, quite a number of blogs and a few pages of two or three books, but I used to read anything up to two books most days and that's gone completely by the board of late.  I'm up to page 233 of the book I started last night, however, so maybe things will revert to normal again.  

In my end-of-season enthusiasm, I'm filled with determination to keep some control over what I do - that is, to do what I would like to and not let the obligations take over from the pleasure, as tends to occur.  If there's too much on and something has to give, it's the social and pleasurable events that are lost every time.  I really shouldn't let that happen.  Actually, I know what it is, I start the autumn well and then, as the days get shorter and darker, I have less energy and being sociable doesn't quite keep its appeal.  But it's wrong and I should make the effort, or just give apologies for a few more meetings.  I can't quite remember the last time I went to a concert, the theatre or the cinema in Norwich, I didn't go to the gardening club at all last year and I only managed a few Nadfas lectures which, considering I belong to two societies, is a bit daft.

If anyone has an iPad/iPhone and is looking for a good puzzle app, do try Aqueduct.  It starts easy but ends up very tricky indeed.  The last half-dozen levels took me hours but, having completed the whole game, I've reset it and started again.  The free version, Aqueduct 101, has enough levels for you to know if you like it.  I don't think it's available on Android at present.


LẌ said...

What kind of books do you like to read? Traditional printed books or reader?

I mostly read histories and biographies myself. Current obsession is reading about Marilyn Monroe. Printed books for me

Z said...

I've always read just about anything, fact, fiction, cookbooks, biographies - anything but girly stuff, horror or books about or (ghost-written) by celebs. And books for preference. I do read on my phone in bed, or on the iPad, and I'm quite happy to, but I can't see that I'd ever prefer them. The iPad will be a boon on holiday, though, I *have* to take at least two books about with me every day, and ten or more for a week's holiday or I feel insecure.

Pat said...

I always get panicky when I have almost finished a book and not got a spare I want to read. Am almost through 'One Day' by David Nicholls. The good thing is in spite of all the hoo-ha about it I don't know how it ends.
I've discovered some great authors through bloggers. Must get on to Amazon and order.

Rog said...

Two books a day! That's incredible
I've almost read 1 book this year and now you've given me Aqueduct there's no chance it will be finished by Christmas. It's a bit like Geared but with water.

Christopher said...

I think you need to come and sing in my choir. Thursday nights, 8.30. Clearly you need something to occupy your leisure time. (I'm afraid playing iPad etc. games is frowned on during rehearsals, but you would have plenty of time on the flights.)

Z said...

There are so many books here that it's not normally a problem, but when I'm away it's different. I always have three books for an aeroplane flight, not that I think I'll read them all but I *need* a choice.

I don't do it now, Rog, it took almost a fortnight the last time I read War and Peace. Glad you like Aqueduct, it starts getting tricky (on the full version) in Level 4.

I'm out to dinner on 2nd Thursdays from March to October, but otherwise free, Chris, that would be great. Not marvellous at holding a tune, but I have a vocal range of nearly an octave, as long as it's all reasonably low-pitched.