Friday 2 September 2011

Birthday month

Wink left after an early lunch, and phoned at 5.30 to say she's back home.  There was an accident (presumably) on the M25 on the other carriageway, she felt very sorry for the people in the miles of tailback.  Some of them were sitting on their stationary car roofs in the sunshine, so they must have been there for quite some time.  The traffic wasn't too bad on her route, though there are nearly always some hold-ups somewhere or other.

Today is Dilly's birthday, the first of five family and several friends' birthdays this month.  Hadrian's present to his mother was a full 9 1/2 hours' sleep last night.  She said she woke several times and checked him to make sure he was all right, though!  I'm pretty impressed, none of mine managed more than a few hours at a time without being hungry.  Hadrian certainly doesn't look at all undernourished, he's a chubby baby.  So were his elder brother and sister, but they aren't now, although Pugsley is naturally stocky, though not at all fat.  As is the way of things nowadays, Squiffany, at 6 1/2, is already aware of body issues, but fortunately not worried about them and knows she is slim - and is pleased about that, without fuss.

I didn't do much this afternoon.  I'd intended to go to the plant nursery to buy some bulbs, but the sun was shining and I lounged about a bit instead.  The area near the newly paved area is intended to go back to rough grass with bulbs in it - at present, there are snowdrops, aconites and bluebells in it, mostly, but I'm going to add some more low-growing, early bulbs because the area won't be disturbed.  I'm also going to plant a rosemary bush, mine has died.  The cold winter nearly finished it and the spring drought finished it off.  Having one near the house will be more convenient.

Tomorrow, I'll be judging the Domestic classes again at the next village's annual show.  I've looked up the schedule, there are a dozen classes ranging from chutney to lemon drizzle cake.  I think a slice of dry toast for breakfast will suffice.


Tim said...

My huge rosemary bush, very near the kitchen amongst all the other herbs, snuffed it last winter due to weight of snow. I didn't really mind, it has very limited culinary use. I might get another one though, it does smell nice.

I get my bulbs from Homebase ... Oh, sorry, that's the lightbulbs.

Christopher said...

Any chance of smuggling a reasonable slice of lemon drizzle cake out for the needy?

Z said...

If you do want rosemary in a dish, nothing else will quite do - although it was a while before I noticed that the bush was suffering, because it was behind the yew tree and I hadn't needed it.

Yes. Bulbs, like tulips and stuff.

I'll do my best, Chris. There will be decorated cupcakes too, would you like one?

Friko said...

You mean to say you swallow? You don't spit?

Z said...

I swallowed. Many times. It's mildly alarming, how seriously I take this sort of thing.