Friday 23 September 2011

They don't all riot

I'm supposed to be getting ready for a meeting at 11.30.  So, as that's a bit dull, I'll wing it then and blog now.

I was going to tell you about my bus ride from Liverpool Street to Islington the other day.  Downstairs was full so I went up and sat at the back.  The seats in front of me were taken up by four or five young men chatting to each other, all in the style that makes Ali G sound less like pastiche and more like direct and faithful observation.  After a few minutes, I tuned in to their conversation, and it turned out they were all talking about school.  Evidently studying for A levels, and quite earnestly discussing them.  One is taking Philosophy.  "Most of them are retaking, man, because it's suppose to be like pretty tough, but I reckon I'm like wiring it, you know, man."  Which sounded good.

After a while, the subject turned to marriage.  It seems that the parents of a couple of them were already at the negotiating stage of their futures.  Whilst feeling a little unprepared as yet, they were all entirely receptive to agreeing to whatever is decided for them and obviously had a lot of respect and affection for their parents and weren't embarrassed to have it known.  It was all rather heartening and made me feel quite cheered.


Lola said...

Bus journeys can be so illuminating ... !

Thanks for stopping by at mine.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

I expect they were on their way to court, or community payback.

Don't trust anyone under 43.

Z said...

I only travel by bus in London, it's the cheapest and simplest way to travel - not like here out in the sticks.

Oh Simon, you hardened old cynic! They looked so tough and they were sweet really.

Unknown said...

That really is reassuring Z.
By the way, if you see Bobby Watchorn, please tell her that the place we've just stayed in (in Canterbury) was easily the second best place we've ever stayed in. The place at Canterbury would be astonished to learn that the best place we've stayed in is a pig farm in Norfolk!!!!

Z said...

I will tell her, Mike. Haven't seen her and Simon for a few weeks, but we're about due to ask them round.