Friday 15 October 2010

Z isn't looking back, down or forward

I'm coming to the reluctant conclusion that I must enjoy being over-stretched.  Not in the sense of working at my peak or anything positive like that, but rather in taking on too much, in the full knowledge that I'll be rushing round in a couple of months, barely keeping up, feeling wildly stressed and not doing anything well for a bit until I magically seem to pull it all together at the last minute and forget that I felt out of my depth.

This is in no sense a boast.  I really would prefer to do things well.  Maybe I am looking for excuses.  Maybe I want to have a valid reason for avoiding housework.  I don't really know.  

I'm not going to tell you what I said that I wasn't offering to do, I haven't time, I said, but if it's the last resort and you genuinely can't find anyone else, come back to me.  I feel so completely aghast at myself for saying it.  Because I know that it was a really bad idea, to give anyone the least hint of a get-out.  

Anyway, let's move on to the positive, because it'll take my mind off other things.  The meeting that I have been floundering towards splashily for a while has happened.  There's a load of follow-up stuff, but I've got a fairly clear week coming up, except mornings, so I can do it all right.  I want to do it quickly while I still understand my scribbled minutes.  I'm pretty well up on governor stuff.  I've done the most essential following-up from the governors' meeting, thanks to the iPhone.  I've had a jolly day out yesterday.  I met really lovely kind people today and it was an interesting meeting, which has enthused me.  This evening, we went to discuss a collection of china which would be fantastic if we get it for auction, although it would be the most ambitious project we've done.  I'm gradually improving at using the Sage's laptop, although I'm more convinced than ever that I prefer a Mac.  Um.  Oh - the children have put flowers on Tilly's grave, which is really sweet if a bit weird.  I fortunately had smoked salmon in the fridge, so I was able to add it to scrambled eggs and make dinner in less than ten minutes when we arrived home at 9pm.  And I've been eating chocolate flavoured with lavender flowers.

Okay.  Onward we go.  I can't bear to look at the emails relating to today's meeting, I'm not even checking the inbox.  I'm going to have a final drink in the bath and have an early night.  Tomorrow, decorating the church for Harvest Festival.


Dave said...

A. Are we getting photos of Day 50?

B. Drinking bath water is a measure of last resort.

Z said...

A. Yes, darling, that is part of today's plan.

B. It must be. I said I'd be drinking in the bath, not of the bath, so fortunately it didn't apply to me. I don't bath in black coffee as a rule.

Christopher said...

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, mmm. Especially with a little light sparkling eau de baignoire.

(Sometimes in season we have scrambled eggs with chopped wild asparagus. Don't know if this grows in Norfolk.)

sablonneuse said...

Well, you know what 'they' say: "If you want something done ask a busy person." You've just proved 'them' right.

Roses said...

I completely understand the way you do it.

Being busy makes prioritisation much easier, I find. After years of wondering why I leave everything to the last minute and then frantically pull everything together...I've given up wondering.

That's just the way I get things done.

Madame DeFarge said...

Go for the Mac, you know it makes sense. Being overstretched can be fun, but only if accompanied by smoked salmon.

Z said...

Ahem. I forgot to take the photos. Sorry. Tomorrow.

Sparrowgrass is a Norfolk plant, Chris, I think, but I've never seen it growing wild.

I used not to be like this, Sandy. I don't quite know how or why or when I changed. And it's interesting what Roses says - when really busy I become far more efficient. I can whip around really quickly, automatically prioritising and trying really hard not to be irritated with anyone slower.

I've only ever had Macs, Madame D, I can't see myself ever having a lesser computer. It is useful having the Sage's pc though, as there's this programme I'd not be able to use otherwise. I'd have to buy a Mac version, when I only need it for one job.

I usually have smoked salmon and champagne in the fridge. You never know when the moment will strike.

luckyzmom said...

Full ahead or dead stop is my MO.